About Carrie's Closet

I don't know about you, but for me, shopping online is an exciting experience, but also in some cases a big letdown.

I am a hard-core ebay shopper (and seller) and I also fall victim to new funky clothing shops creeping through my facebook feed that are selling whos-its and whats-its that I can picture myself in.  And I click, and I buy.

As a online shopper, I have been learning the ropes since 2006, and following size charts to make better decisions.  I am also getting better at paying attention to what fabrics I like in my closet, so that I can make an informed guess about what something may feel like (or stretch like) when it arrives in my mailbox.

What truly pisses me off, is when I follow the size chart and STILL gets something that doesn't fit.  I understand that things may "generally" be off, but when an XL doesen't fit my 13 year old stepdaughter, I'm raging, especially if the size chart indicated it would fit me.  If the XL fits as expected -- WICKED!!  If its slightly off (a little bigger or a little smaller), I generally can work with the item with a tweak, nip or tuck (or a best friend that is close to my size).  But blatant bastardization of a sizing chart rarely gets a second shot at my business as a shopper.

If a seam blows out - that`s life.  I have had that happen with clothing I bought at SuperStore, I have had that happen with high end products I paid a lot of money for.  If its faulty, I will either ask for a return or replacement or stitch that puppy back up, and still go back if something else cute hits my facebook feed and I`m hankering for something new. On the most part, if the fit works, I can deal with everything else for cute clothes.

So that's a bit about me as a shopper.

As a retailer, I sell mostly funky leggings, tops, dresses and accessories through this site you are reading, and I also sell a subset of this product (and my second hand gear) through my ebay store carriesclosett.

What I am obsessed about as a business owner and as an online shopper is the sizing chart. You will notice in my menus along the top of the site there is NO sizing chart button.  My listings have sizing charts in them.  When I get a shipment from a manufacturer, I take out one of each size and measure them personally and post that sizing chart on my site.  I want to give us both the best chance at success at getting the right product, especially the right SIZED product into your hands.

When I meet ladies at trade shows, my most popular question is "how do your leggings fit"  Trust me when i tell you, that question is getting muddier with every passing year for me, as I am exposed to more brands.  They all fit different.  Some have a 6 inch rise, some have a 12 inch rise.  Some are cotton and some are polyester.  Even if they cotton and polyester have the same fit, some have a preference in how they stretch and that gets lumped in with perception of size.

In most cases, a size 8 woman wears a medium in 80% or better of my leggings, but some styles that size 8 lady can wear a small or needs to wear a large.  So its both our risks for me to take my chances and generalize and lose your business forever.  Its also a risk to make it complicated and have you walk away because you don`t want to measure stuff.  I am working on ways to make this easier in 2015.

If I missed a size chart, email me or text me.  I love to hear from you and will fix those problems.  But know that I want to work with you.

I live and operate out of Calgary, Alberta Canada which is relatively close to the US border.  For that reason, I ship from Calgary, Alberta for my Canadian customers and Sweet Grass, Montana for US and international customers.  

If you are a local yokel and want to come meet us in Calgary, we pop-up at some major trade shows in the area locations, and we also have a warehouse at 1257 38 Avenue NE, Calgary, AB that we open to the public by appointment or for events that will be posted on my Where to Find Us page.   If you want to know more about the people behind the website, check out Our Team.