New Partnership with Sock N Sack, adds some mens boxer briefs and socks to Carrie's Closet

I met the owner of Sock N Sack, Bradley bradley Velsink of Edmonton through a friend at a networking group.  Rob Basset, buddy and fellow BNI'er told me, "you have to meet Brad", knowing that there was a fantastic opportunity for collaboration with this up and coming Alberta mens brand.

And he was right.

Brad and I hit it off right away, and not only does he have a fantastic product, but he also has a strong social message, making a donation wtih every product sold.  At Carrie's Closet, we do our best to donate *something* to any local charities, or third party fundraisers that are looking for product or certificates to help fundraise, so needless to say, the mindset between Brad and I are firmly aligned in how we conduct business.

Further, he has an wicked, edgy brand with such funny, funny copy on his descriptions.  I am sorry to say that I have not copied his ad product copy over, as this can create issues with both companies with SEO, but hop over to Sock N Sack, and if you would love to buy the product for the dude in your life, you can buy from either him or I.  We are both Alberta small businesses, and neither one of us are greedy.  Brad is local to Edmonton, I am local to Calgary, so whatever works best for you is what we want for you.  You can find his website at:  Also, at this time, I do not have all of his product in stock, so you may see pieces that I don't have on his site.  And if he's sold out, then come on back!

Merry Christmas everyone and thank you always for your love and support for the last five years!


Join us at WILD Nights on Wed Sept 20th at Marda Loop - Guest Speaker Carrie Paxson, Carrie's Closet


WILD Nights is an evening out filled with girlfriends, food, wine, ambiance, fun and inspiration all rolled into one.  WILD stands for Women Igniting Life's Dreams.  Women share their trials and triumphs in the spirit of connecting and inspiring others.

The two founders of WILD nights are long time personal friends of mine, that also run a ladies retreat in Banff called Dream your Dreams.  I attended in 2015, right before I purchased BeautyGram.  I went onto the BeautyGram website to order two BeautyGrams to bring with me out to the retreat, and lo and behold, I saw that BeautyGram was for sale.  I was already in the ecommerce space with Carrie's Closet, was madly in love with the BeautyGram brand and product, and that is what started the wheels in motion.  At the retreat, all of my plans focused around how to acquire BeautyGram and evaluate the opportunity (since it was very much an unplanned purchase) and by October 21st, the deal was done.

My ecommerce journey did start before BeautyGram.  I already was the founder of Carrie's Closet, and I was a powerseller on Ebay with a US store.  Definately from the start of that, to present, I had a number of trials and triumphs and quite frankly, I am still learning every day through feedback of my customers, suppliers, followers and friends.

If my journey in this space interests you, I would welcome you to join us.  I will be speaking about my journey through ecommerce.  I am unsure of what the rest of the evening will entail, but I have attended these events in the past, and always have a mix of fun, networking, deep thoughts and inspiration.

Maureen Dobranski and Chantal Plowman, hosts of both Dream Your Dreams Retreat and Wild Nights Events are successful, powerhouse women, that are worth getting to know and following.

Purchase tickets:

Date: September 20th at 7 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Location:  Mad Rose Pub Marda Loop

Hope you can make it!

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Discount on until August 7 2017 for Carrie's Closet Customers Disc: CLOSET20

Elise and I met at an amazing workshop called Rock the Stage in 2016.  We became fast friends, and I have personally invested in some of her gear for myself, as I resonate with her message.

Pony Friday, Elise's brand is all about living your life, behaving boldly, and motivating others through her speaking engagements and by example.  She left the corporate grind a few years back and started her own agency, product line and she does motivational speaking on her journey as a entrepreneur.

The name, "Pony Friday" is a combination of two positive messages (this is my interpretation, although Elise says it more eloquently).  Coining her phrase, "Everyone loves ponies and we all live in anticipation of the next Friday—together they represent the best possible combination. And we truly believe that every day can feel like a Pony Friday!"

I highly recommend following Elise's social media (she is pretty much on all of them with the handle @PonyFriday) and also be sure to check out her merchandise with her bold, positive messages and brand on tshirts, socks, hats and other items.  I own my own collection, because I resonate with her messaging and I support her vision.  Join me, and start your own collection using our discount code this August long weekend:  CLOSET20 on her website Pony Friday.

40% Boxing Week Sale at discount code: boxingweek40

We appreciate you.  We really, really appreciate you.

Thank you for all of your love and support in 2015 with your likes, tweets, posts, photos, emails, online interactions and visits to the warehouse.  We are constantly striving to show you that we care and that we have integrity on the internet. is offering a 40% discount boxing week, from December 25 - January 1 2016.

This discount IS site wide, so you can even get an additional 40% off the sales rack.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for an amazing year and I look forward to serving you in 2016.

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Carrie's Closet commercial - minions searching for funky leggings online

We are having some fun with video. Check out our cute new little commercial  <3

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YWCA of Calgary and Accredentials Incorporated fundraise for the Holidays

Holidays are a time for giving, and Accredentials Incorporated, owner of BeautyGram and Carrie's Closet wants to THANK YOU.  Thanks to all of your support over November and December, we ran two separate initiatives in an effort to donate some money to the YWCA of Calgary.

The first initiative was a warehouse sale the first weekend of November in the warehouse in North East Calgary, where a discount was offered to all supporters were came in on the weekend and shopped, and the discount was then matched with a donation to YWCA of Calgary.

In addition, through BeautyGram, another initiative ran through November and December, where a limited time offering of a holiday box was offered to shoppers both online in and in store, where a portion of the proceeds from all Holiday Box sales were donated to YWCA.

on December 15th, we presented a cheque to YWCA of $549.90.  Thank you to all customers and supporters that came out for these two initiatives.  A special thank you to Patricia Irvine and Kendra Harding who partnered on these two initiatives.  We look forward to growing these initiatives in 2016.

  • Carrie Paxson