How to buy the right size leggings online


How to buy the right size leggings online

I am definitely one of those women that are out and about. I work in an office full-time hours, I am at the post office often with my online retail business, I am at the grocery store a few times a week, and socializing in a wide variety of places.  Everywhere I go, I see women in leggings.  Women wear them for kicking around, running errands, dressing up and dressing down.  Personally, I would go as far to say that they are the number one accessory in my wardrobe. I can see by looking around me, that I am not alone.

As a leggings online retailer, some of my frequently asked questions are:

  • I am a size 10 (6, 16, 2, etc) – what size would I take?
  • Are they see-through?
  • I am 5 feet, 9 inches tall. Are they long enough?

In order to provide some guidance on how to choose the best fit leggings online, I can certainly provide you some easy, general tips and tricks on how to avoid disappointment when shopping online.


I list all measurements on my website of every pair of leggings I carry. If you take your favorite leggings at home and lay them relaxed, flat and unstretched and take out a measuring tape and do some approximate measurements .

If you measure your favorite leggings and then check the measurements on my website, you should be pretty close in size.  Bear in mind, both your measurements and my measurements will be approximate, since my product is new, and yours is your favorite and worn.

The steps:

  1. Find your favorite fitting leggings at home. Lay them flat, unstretched on a flat surface
  2. Find your favorite leggings on
  3. Compare measurements. My measurements are approximate, so yours should be too. If the measurement you take is 26.25 of an inch, call it 26. Its spandex so its stretchy.

Sizing Chart for your Leggings look…. Small!

When you see the sizing chart on my website, don’t get discouraged. Spandex laying flat IS small. I wear jeans that are a 31 inch waist.  My favorite leggings laying flat, upstretched measure 13” across the waist from seam to seam (so 26” circumference around).   So that’s a big difference!  Bear in mind most leggings are stretchy, and they are form fitting. 

Measure the Rise!

Ladies, pay special attention to this! I know we just talked about measurements, but this point is important! The most important measurement for a woman’s happiness in leggings is the rise.  If things are a bit snugger or a bit looser, that is a bummer, but if we love the pattern we may work with the item.  Too short? We can wear booties or knee high boots.  However, if we can’t pull them up, we typically won’t compromise. It’s as intolerable as a shoe that won’t fit.

When you measure the rise, this is the material between the crotch to the waistband where your belly is. This measurement is especially important if you are a curvy girl and it is super duper important for plus size leggings.  If you have curves you need to pay attention to the rise measurements.  If you don’t have curves, it is STILL an important measurement.

Some ladies carry weight on their hips, some on bum or bellies. If you carry your curves on your belly or bum, a 6” rise will not be high enough, no matter how much you love the pattern.  If you carry your weight on your hips and have a flat belly, then a lower rise may work fine.

Suppliers and Manufacturers

I waffled about whether to list the manufacturers on my website, but in the end, I decided that it was the best service I could offer to my customers. If you purchase a pair of leggings anywhere and you check the brand, you can safely assume that the same size will work.  On the bottom left hand side of my website, you will see the heading Shop By Product Vendor.  If your favorite leggings are made by K Too, Cemi Ceri, Solo La fe, See You Monday, etc, you can safely to go that section if you want to ensure that you get the same product with a different funky print.

How Does Carrie`s Closet Measure Leggings

When I get a new box of stock, we take one of each size and each pattern out of the box and do the measurements for the website.   We do not measure every single pair.  We trust that the manufacturers labelled them correctly.  There have been rare instances where this has been an issue (lady orders a large, and it fits like a small). 

What are the steps to choose the right size leggings again?

  1. Find your favorite leggings at home, lay them flat, unstretched
  2. Compare those measurements to the sizing chart on your favorite leggings on Carrie’s Closet.
  3. All measurements are approximate, in inches, so round up or round down to the nearest inch. Pay special attention to the rise!
  4. Buy online with confidence

If you have any specific questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at or text me at 403-620-9487.


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