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Galentine`s Day was made popular by an American television series called Parks and Recreation where Leslie (Amy Poehler) throws her annual "Galentine's Day" party for her female friends, celebrated the day before Valentine's Day.

In essence, Valentine`s Day is about romance, and Galentine`s Day is about celebrating lady friends.  If you love funky leggings, and your friends are asking where you got your crazy pants, this Galentine`s Day is the time to tell them.

This sounds like a recipe for a contest to me. 

How to Enter

There are many ways to get entries into this contest:

  • Take advantage of our 20% deal and shop on Carrie’s Closet between February 13 - 16, 2014 (one entry for all orders between Feb 13 – 16, 2014 in any amount).  Every $25 gains you one entry.  An order for one pair of leggings would get you two entries.  One entry for the order in any amount - an additional entry for the sale price of leggings for $25.60.
  •  Subscribe to our newsletter – we only send out once a month our new products, sales, specials and where to find out.  To join our monthly newsletter, click HERE.  Only confirmed subscribers will be counted, so make sure you check your email and confirm your entry.
  • If you are already a subscriber AND you make a purchase in our Galentine’s Day sale, you will receive an extra entry for your existing subscription. 
  • All new subscriptions between now and February 16, 2014 will receive an entry into the contest and will be notified via our newsletter of the winner. 
  • With all purchases, you receive an invitation to join our referral program.  If you join and and refer some of your besties to shop at Carrie’s Closet, you will receive another entry for every referral that joins our program under your name between now and February 16, 2014. 
  • Spread the word on my sale and contest for entries! 
    •  Every Share regarding this contest from my Carrie’s Closet Page gains you an entry
    • Every Retweet of this contest from @NYCinYYC
    • Every Contest Pin on Pinterest will get you an entry
  • Any of your new or existing referrals who purchase between February 13 – 16, 2014, yes – another entry.  Also, bear in mind that you get a discount code of $5 off a future purchase for every bestie that makes a purchase.  They are entitled to the same for all their referrals.  This is the gift that keeps on giving for legging lovers!

The Bounty

I am giving away a gift card on Carrie’s Closet for $100 with free shipping included.  That is no small potatoes, and in most cases 3 pairs of leggings. 

How to Gain Entries

  • Share Galentine’s Day posts through your social media and collaborate with your friends.
  • Shop Shop Shop – purchase gets you one entry, every $25 gets you an additional entry.
  • Ask your friends to participate for them to gain entries, and in turn, for you to gain more entries.

The Rules – The Fine Print

  • As you can imagine, this is a huge tracking effort on my part.  For this reason, this contest is not to be combined with ANY other offers.  If you have other online coupons, discounts, or gift cards from the holiday season, do not use these for this contest.  Save those other discounts for a future, new released product when there are no other existing offers.  Purchases that qualify for entries are the ones that are made with the galantine discount code between Feb 13 – 16th.  No exceptions. 
  • The winner will be announced in the March 2014 Carrie’s Closet newsletter.  Not via social media or other communication vehicles.  Subscription to my newsletter is an important part of this contest.  If you do not like receiving an email once a month, you are free to opt out after the contest if you choose.  There is no obligation to stay subscribed (although I hope you will).


Where to find more Galentine`s Day Deals!!!

If you live in Canada and you go to on February 13, 2014, you will find a number of sponsors, like myself, that are offering Galentine’s Day Sales and Contests. 

TrendTrunk is a Canadian ecommerce company that has both individuals and retailers who can sell their wares.  I have a little Trend Trunk shop where I sell my used items and I clean out my closet.  It is worth checking them out, their individual shops and retailers if you haven’t already.  Canadians who have purchased from me in the last few months have received a gift card from Trend Trunk with their orders.

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