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Carries Closet is in kahoots with fashion blogger Becky Kung from Velvet and Vino.  Not only has Velvet and Vino been featuring some of the styles in Carrie's Closet, we are working together to freshen up the content throughout the website, so that we can have Becky's much coveted flair on these pages. 

Due to time constraints, shows, and a lack of writing talent on my side, my web pages lacked flair.  My focus was on making sure I measured every product and got that critical information on there that customers needed to ensure that a product fits properly.  

I recognized I needed to bring in the big guns -- a professional like Becky from Velvet and Vino to bring these fantastic styles to life. A picture is worth a thousand words, but it is also critical to help a customer understand what makes that piece special when they are unable to try it on, or touch the fabric.  That is where Velvet and Vino comes in and that`s exactly what she did.  Watch the pages slowly come to life with Becky`s words.  She will be a major contributor to these pages moving forward.  

Also, watch her blog for styles from Carrie`s Closet, and many, many more styles that she represents in her blogging career.  Velvet and Vinos blog has tonnes of ideas on how to pair and mix prints.  Her social media is chock full of fantastic ideas and her youtube video channel is amazing.  Check her out!


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  • Carrie Paxson