website gets a "facelift" with a new look and feel



For those of you who click on the Carrie's Closet website once in awhile, you probably noticed that the look and feel has taken a drastic change.

Even though the website looks significantly different, we didn't make the change for the sake of updating the look.  We actually updated the template to implement the following functionality:




  • Customers now have the ability to view our pricing in Canadian Dollars, USD, Euro and GBP.  Payments are processed in Canadian Dollars, but international customers have a choice in how they view pricing.
  • More extensive Social Media options (over 200 to be exact!) so share away if you see something you like!
  • When you click the BUY NOW button, it takes you to the collections page.

I hope you enjoy the new user experience!




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  • Carrie Paxson