Join Carrie`s Closet at the Spruce Meadows Masters Sept 10 - 14, 2014!


Whether you are a "horse person" or not, Spruce Meadows to me is one of the most magical places in Calgary.  For those of you who have never been, allow me to give you a snapshot through my eyes.

During the Spruce Meadows Nationals, we took the kids for a family day out and it was $10.  $5 each for Holger and I for admission, and kids under 12 are free, so yep..... in CALGARY, $10 for a family day out.  Parking was free as well.  I understand there are Red Arrow Busses that will also transport you out for free.

Upon arrival, we didn't really know what to expect, since my only other visit was an an exhibitor at Christmas last year.  Well, it was a flurry of activity.  There were lots of people when you looked around, but it didn't feel crowded because of the massive size of the grounds.  There were lots of activities and exhibits for the kids.  We did take in a bit of the horse jumping (which was magestic to say the least!), but there were other things too!  They had plenty of activities that gave the kids the ability to sink their teeth into something fun, and when they were done, there was something equally interesting for them to delve into next.

Snacks.... well, there was plenty to eat!  You can certainly pack a picnic, but why would you when your admission is only $5.  Support the local vendors and treat yourself!  Even a large grocer had a big grocery exhibit there where you could buy confectionery, fruits, vegetables, granola bars, etc.  

What i am saying is there is a LOT more to Spruce Meadows than horse jumping.  Horse jumping WOULD be enough, but if you have any concerns about filling your time -- don`t.  There are many activities there to enjoy.

In 2014, there is one more major tournament, the Spruce Meadows Masters.  

Spruce Meadows is a world class facility.  Let me just highlight a paragraph from the Spruce Meadows website that eloquently explains what the Masters is about:  

The eyes of the world are focused on Spruce Meadows as the best athletes from the world's top show jumping nations compete for prize money and international acclaim during the Spruce Meadows 'Masters'. 

Carrie`s Closet is setting up a 550 sq ft display of crazy leggings, hats, accessories and tunics for your shopping pleasure!  Drop in and say hi, and for certain, check out all the activity on the grounds.  My above description was based on the North American Tournament in July, so lets now look at what is in store for the Spruce Meadows Masters:

Spruce Meadows Masters Snacks

Spruce Meadows Masters Childrens Entertainment

Spruce Meadows Masters Performers

Spruce Meadows Masters Featured Exhibitors

Spruce Meadows Masters Shopping - You'll find Carrie's Closet in Hoeker Tent #5.

Come on down!  I'd love to see some of my legging-lover customers to pick up your Hallowe'en and back to school gear. However, do not discount the opportunity to take advantage of a first class venue for $5 per adult and kids under 12 for free.  

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  • Carrie Paxson