Twelve Fall Wardrobe Essentials That Will Complete Your Look


Twelve Fall Wardrobe Essentials That Will Complete Your Look

By: Maggie Park

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to be trendy this fall. With a few updates and some creative combinations, you can have a fall wardrobe to be envied. Here are a few basics to get you started.

1. Whether tall or short, flat boots, especially flat boots that alternate leather with a patterned fabric, are great for fall. Flat boots are comfortable and stylish, and they really complement skinny jeans and leggings.

2. Dark skinny jeans look classic on everyone. But colored denim and colorful corduroys are also popular for fall. Just make sure to keep it skinny. Skinny jeans are easy to tuck into your new flat boots.

3. Black leggings with flowing tops are back this fall. As the weather cools, replace your lightweight tops with oversized sweaters and add some chunky jewelry.

4. Ballet flats can be patterned or monochromatic. Either way, they are stylish and comfortable. As an extra benefit, they pair very well with skinny jeans and leggings.

5. A white blouse, or even a white tee-shirt, is a classic look. This year, try an oversized boyfriend shirt paired with a wide belt and some chunky jewelry peeking out of the collar. Or choose a basic white blouse and layer it under trending blazers and jackets.

6. Tights are in style this fall. Choose among colors or stick with simple black, but make sure that they are opaque. Tights look awesome when paired with ballet flats.

7. Black cardigan sweaters are great additions to anyone’s fall wardrobe. The right sweater can help you tolerate a chilly office, and after work, you can dress it up for an evening out.

8. Chunky jewelry is still hot. This fall, you can try laying both a long and a short piece together for an even bolder look. The newest additions to fun, costume jewelry are tasseled necklaces. Tassels add a long line to any outfit, and long lines help everyone feel lean and stylish. 

9. Blazers add a polished feel to your fall ensemble. While classic black is always an excellent choice, try some patterned blazers constructed of fabric that recalls tapestries. Even blazers with metallic accents are hot this year.

10. Slouchy handbags with chains complement your chunky jewelry. This season is heavy on bling, even in accessories.

11. Maxi skirts may be the antithesis of leggings and skinny jeans, but they also look great for fall. Almost nothing, outside of pajamas, is more comfortable than these long, flowing skirts. Yet maxi skirts look great with both ballet flats and boots. Just remember to define your waist with either a wide belt or a fitted top.

12. Add purples and reds to the usual fall lineup of colors. Both of these colors are extremely flattering, and they are definitely featured for fall.


Staying trendy this fall is not difficult. Just make sure to layer some chunky jewelry and add some new pieces, such as a new blazer and some super dark denim, to your closet. If you are looking for comfort, a maxi skirt is waiting for you. But if you feel adventurous, pop on some leopard print ballet flats with your leggings. You’ll be ready to hit the town in no time.

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