Power Dressing For Women


- Written by Bridget Webber

You may imagine that the manner in which you dress reflects your emotions. Indeed, there are times when what you choose to wear provides clues to how you feel. However, you can also decide to select clothes that help you generate the emotions you want to experience. Power dressing can provide the confidence that aids success. At the same time, wearing clothes that increase your self-esteem can make you feel great.

The shift dress

Shift Dress from Gracia New YorkThe shift first made an appearance in the 1920s and came back into fashion in the 1960s. Its versatility and uncomplicated design allowed women greater freedom of movement than ever before. Previous dress styles were physically restrictive and dressing was laborious. The shift reflected a change in how women behaved and were perceived.  Shifts combine femininity with power and give the message to onlookers that the women wearing them are smart and self-assured. Team a block-colored shift dress with medium heels and a matching bag and you can confidently attend business meetings, dine out, or give a speech in public without having to worry about whether you are wearing appropriate clothing.


Capri pantsuit

Capri pants became fashionable in the 1950s and were worn by actresses such as Jane Russell, Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe. Women discovered that such pants were easy to wear, stylish and could be dressed up as formal attire or down in a casual fashion. When worn with a matching jacket and formal blouse, they appear chic and business-like, especially if the blouse selected is buttoned to the top of the collar instead of folded back at the neck in a relaxed manner. You can add a personal touch by selecting a blouse with an unusual print.

Pencil skirts

Gracia Pencil SkirtPencil skirts were first seen in the 1940s. Unlike the hobble skirts of earlier times, they allowed for slightly more movement while still providing women with a sleek silhouette. Dogtooth or block colored pencil skirts are versatile, simple and stylish. Combine your skirt with a tailored jacket that is nipped in at the waist for a professional appeal.  If you want to appear sophisticated and confident, adopt modern power dressing. Forget about the shoulder pads and metallic buttons that were sported in the 1980s and 1990s, and choose an elegant shift dress, Capri pantsuit, or pencil skirt and a jacket for optimum clout.


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