November 13 – 16, 2014 Trade Show Shout-Outs for Carrie's Closet!


Wowee!!  What a flipping whirlwind!  For those of you who were out and about last weekend in trade show land in Calgary, Carrie’s Closet definitely out there too.  The week of November 10th and 11th I was in Toronto at NextMedia 3.0 for a digital media conference, learning some new ways to reach out to my audience (that is you guys!).  I took a red eye to Toronto on Sunday night, landed Monday morning, and took the subway downtown to the Mars District for the conference.  It was two days of information on digital media and content delivered by industry experts such as Google, YouTube, BuzzFeed, AOL and many, many others.  Definitely click on the NextMedia 3.0 link in this paragraph if you want to learn more about this very worthwhile conference. 

While I was there, my dear husband Holger and assistant manager Sheila were loading Spruce Meadows with all the inventory that Sheila hand picked to go to both shows (thanks Sheila!).  And Holger picked up the trailer, loaded it all up, and did the heavy lifting to get it all into Tent #10 at Spruce.  Sheila got the majority of it unpacked on her own (man oh man, THANK YOU Sheila) and then I flew back Tuesday night, and Sheila and I got the last of the setup done on Wednesday, so that it was standing up for Friday

Thursday, Sheila got a much deserved break during the day, and Holger and I set up the Calgary Taboo Show between 9 and 5 pm. 

By Thursday night, Sheila was back and Taboo was in full swing for the weekend with "Team Taboo", and Friday morning, "Team Spruce" and I worked our magic there. 

The Highs

At both shows, lots of existing customers engaged with us and I know at Spruce, I had a few customers tell me that they follow my social media, so it is always nice to hear that someone made the trip to visit because they know already that this little Calgary business is alive.  So thank you for that.  Sheila shared with me similar feedback from customers and also shared the enthusiasm with some customers over the URB Melting Tights.  It’s nice to see this unique product getting some attention.  I am the first to admit that they aren’t for everyone.  And frankly, I cannot wear them into my day job at Suncor any day of the week.  I get that they are hard for some people to understand.  But, for those that dare to be different, these have really taken flight in Cowtown and online.  The Taboo Show moved the most of this product of any trade show.  So thank you Calgary for your support!

The Lows

When you carry a lot of skulls and less mainstream products (um…. Like Ouija board fascinators, suspender leggings and football shirts with skulls and penticles), some people get a little freaked out.  I am a mainstream girl in my own sense of style, but the rebellious teenager in me is drawn to some of the bad ass stuff I carry.  I appreciate all of it, and the customers who LOVE it, and the manufacturers who created such awesome, unique pieces that I can bring to conservative Cowtown.  And for those of you who feel at home around those pieces, but hold downtown jobs and prefer leggings you can wear to the office, I have those pieces too.  However, I had a few people last weekend react to my inventory in a pretty upset way.  Their reaction honesty shocked me.  They didn’t confront me and I had no chance to talk to them, but one expressed loudly, “do you know what is inappropriate about this place?” and that’s all I heard because she was walking out as she blurted it out.  Hmmm…. Could it be the beanie with the brains on it?  Maybe it was the zombie horse crying rainbow tears.  I guess I will never know. 

Another lady around my age opened the door, and met eyes with the football shirt with the skull and spiral eyes.  She stopped in her tracks, closed the door and left. Quickly.

In all seriousness, most people react favorably, with excitement, or laugh out loud if they find something ridiculous.  When I witness that, I dare them to try it on and have some fun. But… in some cases, people take what I carry a little too seriously and get pissed off.  C’est la vie!  You can’t please everyone, but I try to please most people with a wide variety of styles.  If you don’t want a hat with brains on it, I have the full line of Buff headgear, so don’t worry! 

The Stats

  • Between both shows last weekend, we moved 176 pairs of leggings.  It makes me smile to think that many fantastic gals are going to wake up Christmas morning with some fancy pants under the tree. 
  • 5% of customers were returning customers (I am pretty confident that number is higher – there is no way to tell on cash transactions).

Shout Outs!

First off, I want to do a shout out to the staff at both shows for your efforts, smiles and customer service.

Team Taboo

  • Sheila
  • Carley
  • Patricia
  • Maria
  • Aldera (Dazzler)

Team Spruce

  • Faye
  • Tracey
  • Heather
  • Billie
  • Peri
  • Cassidy
  • Shanae
  • Broolyn

Also a huge shout out to my husband, Holger for all the driving, heavy lifting and setting up all the gridwall at both shows.  I have done shows without you and it takes forever without your expertise and brute strength . 

Extra shout outs to Mr. Terry Stevens for creating excitement in the giveaways at the Taboo Show.  Also to Lindsay Istace for wearing the Astrology Leggings during your act on Saturday night (I didn`t get a chance to talk to you since I was on there a short time, but I saw your show and was thrilled to see them again in your act.

Also, a huge thank you to Pole Junkies owner Alena Downs for the shout out on stage.  I wasn’t there to hear it, but Sheila told me you did a huge shout out telling everyone to come and check us out.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart!  Alena owns lots of my leggings and many of the pole junkies girls do too.  Sorry I wasn't around to visit you guys and see your performances.  I still want to take your classes Alena!  I am convinced that this ass will not go up in the air, so I am dying for you to prove me wrong and teach me how!

Also, to all customers, both repeat and new customers for supporting us and giving us a chance to provide our unique funky leggings styles to you. 

Weekend one of Spruce Meadws and Calgary Taboo Show 2014 were both a huge success, and I can’t think you enough for being a part of this business, whether you are reading this blog, participating on social media, purchasing online or at shows.  All of this activity gives us the support we need to keep doing what we are doing.

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