November 21 – 23, 2014 Trade Show Shout-Outs!


Another weekend at Spruce Meadows flew by!  Before I get into trade show shout outs, I need to tell you that my attention was divided on Friday.  I was at Spruce Meadows Friday morning meeting, greeting, buff demoing and helping out the team, but truthfully I buggered off fairly early because I had the Canadian Liver Foundation’s LIVERight Gala, which was their inaugural event to not only raise funds, but also to recognize the Southern Alberta hepatology ward by liver transplant recipients.  It was an extremely touching event, as the doctor were recognized by their patients who are living fully functional lives because of them.  It’s amazing to me that the first transplant in Alberta was done in the early 90s, and apparently they did “1” that year.  Now, they do many (about 18 a year if I recall correctly).  The organ donation list here is a real problem, so the organ donation registry was also there doing some education on this topic and allowing people to sign up.  @shaunarivait who was representing the organ donation register was on the LIVERight committee with me, so I got to know her a bit and she was also at my table for dinner.  What a powerhouse!  She is extremely passionate about this topic, so definitely follow her tweets and certainly look up more information if you are interested in this topic.  Thank you Sheila for being at the helm so that I could step out and participate on the auction table and also support this effort by attending.  I am active in the Calgary Chapter of the Liver Foundation, as I am a patient of hepatology (but thankfully at this time, no transplant required!). 

Back to shout outs!

Sheila and I both arrived early on Friday to get the tent standing straight after Holger loaded allll of the taboo show stock into Spruce Meadows on Monday (thank you angel husband!).  We restocked with the new product to get out a wider variety of products out and we also did some creative hiding of about 40 bins around the perimeter of the space.  Cassidy, Shanae and Brookyn arrived at their scheduled time and the pitched in as well.  By the time the first customer walkied in between 9:30 and 10, you would never know it was a schmozzle before.  Thank you ladies for all your hustle to get that sorted so quickly.

Saturday and Sunday were both beautiful warm day and Spruce Meadows was PACKED!  Seriously full!  I worked with the dream team both days, but Holger and the kids did come down Saturday so I left the dream team alone to spend some time with them.  I couldn’t even believe the congestion of happy shoppers, strollers and reindeer watchers enjoying all the grounds have to offer and the vendors.  Of course, the kids wanted EVERYTHING they saw, so it was a visit that looked like…. Can I have this?  Do you think this will be under the tree?  Etc. etc.  Those little cherubs have expensive tastes too!  They were walking right by the funky socks in my booth, and honing in on the crème de la crème everywhere else.  Leather booklets, stunning artwork, footed pajamas, fur collared jackets.  How did a 10 and 13 year old get such refined taste?  I will have to get some shopping done on my breaks this weekend sans kids.  Due to their evolving tastes, we will have to think hard about budget before we go crazy. Gone are the days of filling a stocking at the drug store.

The Highs

Again, lots of activity, existing customers and new customers taking the time to engage with us.  The football shirts sold out by Saturday.  Gone. Finit! Gonzo.  I have more on order that will be here the first week of December, but they won’t make Spruce Meadows I am afraid.  Polar Buffs also long gone by Saturday, but more are coming into Spruce Meadows this weekend!    We also blew out of Larges in one of my best sellers, the grey cotton leggings with pleather detail and zippers.   I rush ordered them so they will likely be in first week of December.

The Lows

On the most part, the lows were minimum.  We had one of the dream team call in ill (I hope you are feeling better!) but on the most part, all was in hand.  We had good weather, lots of happy customers, and we all had fun! 

The Stats

  • At Spruce Meadows last weekend 104 pairs of leggings made it into the homes of new and existing customers
  • 5% of customers were returning customers (I am pretty confident that number is higher – there is no way to tell on cash transactions).

Shout Outs!

First off, I want to do a shout out to the staff for your efforts, smiles and customer service.

Team Spruce – at the helm,  was Sheila!

  • Cassidy
  • Shanae
  • Broolyn
  • All the way from Sherwood Park, Kelly!
  • Billie
  • Peri
  • Caitlin

Also a huge shout out to my husband, Holger for getting everything from Taboo into Spruce, so that we could get it set up Friday morning.  Thank you as always for your support!

Also, to all customers, both repeat and new customers for supporting us and giving us a chance to provide our unique funky leggings styles to you. 


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  • Carrie Paxson