Photo Shoot for Carrie`s Closet - a new approach


This afternoon, we had a pretty crazy photo shoot.  Well, crazy for me (even though I wasn`t the one dressing and undressing a thousand times).  In an attempt to be stocked well for the Spruce Meadows Christmas Market, stock was coming in weekly.  We were stocking old favorites and some new gems that I couldn't resist bringing in. The result was one of the bigger photo shoots we have done (at least it was for me!).

I have taken a bit of a new approach with this photo shoot than I have done in the past.  Not in all cases, but in SOME cases I had the same outfit shot on different models.  Even though I cannot do it for all of my products (we are up to almost 850) I wanted to start doing it for some of them, so that my customers can see how they fit on different body types.  I can't really go back in time and do this for the whole site, but for similar brands it gives me the ability to point customers to photo shoots where there are women wearing the product in small, medium and large (and in some cases XL).  I am hoping that helps with your shopping experience.


A big thank you to to our beautiful models:  Sheila M, Cassidy K, Charlene D, Billie D, Kelly S, Madison S. and to the superstar photographer, M.Hawkes Photography

What a tonne of fun though!  All the gals that came out today I had ties to.  Sheila and I use to be neighbors (condos side by side).  She is now A.M. at Carrie's Closet over the holiday season, and she even stepped up to shine her smile at the Women's Show on stage, and again today.  What a good sport and a beautiful model!  And thank you 10 million for all your hard work over the Christmas season.  I would have been hooped without you.

Charlene and I use to both work in Sales at Superpages and when we were young, footloose and fancy free, we even did a big houseboat trip with a bunch of gals!  Its easily been a few years since we have seen each other, but have been poking each other on Facebook. She put me in contact with her beautiful daughter Billie for some part-time help, and both of them modelled today and looked fabulous!  Char and I haven`t shared a meal in years, but whenever I eat Indian food I think of her.  I couldn`t stand it in my 20s, and she invited me over for dinner and served Korma and Butter Chicken.  I had no idea how I was going to choke it down.  And when I did - I fell in LOVE with it!  I have been eating it ever since!  Thanks Char baby!

Kelly and I worked at Nexen together for years, and though social media have stayed connected.  She stepped up like a trooper to help me at Spruce Meadows and she brought her gorgeous little daughter Madison, who is a 9 year old gymnast. Kelly is an absolute beauty and she makes beautiful babies too!  Both of them crushed it today, and I can`t wait to see the mommy daughter shots.  I have to mention that this duo do not live in Calgary.  Thanks ladies for sharing your weekend visiting Cowtown with us!

Cassidy has done LOTS with Carrie`s Closet over the last few years.  She has worked trade shows, helped me with social media listings, helped me find staff and today, she did some modelling.  She is an absolutely gorgeous young lady and she is one of the politest people I know.  She is one of those young girls that you know for sure will be in a leadership role in her career at a very young age.  She has the whole package - brains, beauty and grace.  Thanks Cassidy for modelling today and for all your help.

Last but certainly not least is Maegan.  Half owner of Sundrops Studio and photographer extraordinaire, she is the talent behind all of the photos on my website (with the exception of the stock photos we haven't got to, and some bloggers photos and my iphone uploads at trade shows of customers).  Not only do I trust her 200% with my website photos, she also did my wedding photos. I am so happy to have her in my court, and her talent throughout the pages of my website. She has brought my website and social media to a whole new level.  Thanks Maegan!

Keep an eye on things over the next week.  I look forward to sharing some of the photos with you prior to putting them into the listings.

For the models that were taking pictures during the shoot, if you dare, please share out some of your favorites.  I was hoping to take some photos during the shoot but it just got too hairy. lol.  I'd love to see some preliminary shots if possible.




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