Seeking Volunteers for the largest Clothing Swap Party in Calgary Alberta CANADA 2015


Carrie’s Closet has been involved with the Swap Team since 2013.  Year one as an exhibitor and year 2 as as a set up volunteer.  This year, I am the new volunteer coordinator for the Swap Team in Calgary 2015!  

About the Event!

Take Off Your Clothes Calgary 2015 is Calgary’s Biggest Clothing SWAP Party!  It is taking place this year on June 6th at Marquee Beer Market & Stage at 4630 Macleod Trail South from 11 – 4 p.m.

To learn more about this HUGE event, click HERE or check out our Facebook Page for updates on the event as they unfold!  If you would rather attend the swap instead of volunteering, you can purchase your tickets HERE.

This event is a huge effort with tens of thousands of items in all sizes for both men and women.  We have LOTS of volunteer roles to fill, and I am really excited by the number of people who have emailed me to date!

Who Benefits?

The Charities who benefit from this event are Women in Need and Society for the Treatment of Autism.

How to Volunteer

I am hoping you can check out our roles and email me back with the following information: 

  • Yes, I am interested in a SPECIFIC ROLE (and tell me the role and shift preference)
  • Yes, I am interested in ANY role (tell me the shift you can work)
  • Maybe, I am uncertain of my schedule, but stay in touch!
  • No, I am unavailable, but please add me to the volunteer list for next year

First (drumroll……) the roles!   

AM: Set up and floor  930am-100pmThe party is about to begin! Full of excitement we get the area ready for the big swap party. Support the action on the floor while ensuring the area looks organized as best we can!). Send those extra hangers back to the "sorter/Quality Check station".  Swing by the change rooms section and check out their sorting rack to see if items need to head back out to the floor.
AM & PM: Admissions Desk General 1100am- 500pm  and 130pm-400pm  Cash in hand eager to enter! Accept payment from guests and make change if needed. (Cash only accepted) Take down name and phone number of guest and place on a label, attaching to their bags of clothing. Pass onto the "sorter/Quality Check Station".  
AM & PM: Admissions Desk EXPRESS 1100am-130pm and 130pm-400pm   Our eager guests have gone ahead and paid online. They are really excited to get in and start swap’n. They need to see you in order to get their exchange tickets and check in. Stamping hands for those that have also purchased gift bags for an additional fee online. 
PM: Sorters/Quality Check 130pm-400pm   So many items to see! In this spot you accept bags of clothing from the Admission Desk-General and EXPRESS and count clothing from guest bags; ensure clothing is in swapping condition, place onto hangers and get onto the distribution racks for the floor staff.  For items deemed in poor condition, we will box them up for recycling. 
AM & PM: Change Room Assistant: 1100am-130pm and 130pm-400pm Ladies really appreciate the support of hearing how an outfit fits, and looks on them. In this role, you will use your great eye to make suggestions and let that guest know how great that outfit looks on her! You get to help keep the area pleasing for guests by making sure that items are being cleared out of the rooms, and help manage the line ups to use the rooms. When quieter, support the Floor staff. 
PM: Take Down/PM shift/floor  100pm-530pm, 5:00 p.m.- 8 p.m. This fabulous group keeps us all flowing and moving.  Our guests love being able to see things easily so they can grab that one of a kind item. Support the floor with ensuring the area looks organized (as best we can!) and bring extra hangers back to the "sorter/Quality Check station". Take a walk by the change rooms section and see if some items on their sorting rack need to head back out to the floor. At the end of the shift its time to start boxing up all the left over items to send off to our chosen charities.   It makes a BIG difference to the lives of so many in the city.  Wrapping up these boxes is like sending prize gift boxes! Imagine what it is like as a person that struggles to open a box full of clothing that you desperately needed. We have two shifts now for take down.

"Raffle Promoter"  1100am-130pm and 130pm-400pm  Your job is to circulate the line up and floor selling of ballet and raffle tickets to the crowd.  We are giving away a Limo and Champaign package valued at $600 from our amazing people at Marquee !! Work that crowd! sell tickets at a dollar each and build up that charitty money to support the Society for the Treatment of Autism" 

AM & PM: Check out Table 1100am-130pm and 130pm-400pm   Excited by the thrill of finding amazing treasures, guest are ready to checkout of the event. At this exit point they will present their tickets and items will be counted. For those that purchase a ticket online that has a gift bag, they will receive them at this time. 
Pick ups Driver Once a week,Do you own a SUV or Van? We could really use your help! 
We are currently targeting and securing in our drop off locations. Once a week we ask that you call the location and ask if they have items to be picked up. Swing by and grab them for us and drop them at our storage. They will be located on major roads in each quadrant of the city. More than one person can have a quadrant. Help each other and alternate weeks?
Your support in past years has been meaningful and appreciated. Our partners and Sponsors are very excited to be with us this year. Join us again. It’s time for us to get our SWAP on!!!

Carrie Paxson, Carrie’s Closet

Volunteer Coordinator for SWAP Team 2015

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