Carrie’s Closet Gets a Facelift! New Functionality and…..Pardon Our Mess!


Product Filters - You asked! We listened!

If you check out Carrie’s Closet, you will notice that we got a little facelift!  But it is more than a facelift!  We added filters!  What does that mean?  Well, it means that when you are searching for your favorite product (i.e. Leggings, Tops, Dresses), you can “Filter” by size, so you are only shown products in your size.  Or…… you can filter by Brand, so that you can see all the styles you love in your best-fitting brand!

If you really want to get tricky, you can filter by your favorite, brand, AND by your size AND you can even choose your favorite pattern (Aztec? Skull? Galaxy)?  Care where its made?  What if you only want to see Leggings Made in Canada?  Or you only like cotton blends?  We got you covered!

I know…. I know…. Its about friggin’ time.  But it has been no easy feat finding the right template, with the right functionality AND adding all the new filteres to each product manually to get this working.

The good news, is that it is LIVE and I couldn’t be happier about it.  I really think the investment is a win for everyone.

How Does it Work on a Computer?

Click Shop

All the Collections are in Alphabetical. Click Leggings

Scroll allll the way down while looking at all the amazing filters on the left hand size.  At the very bottom, there is a grid of sales items as well.

How Does it Work on a Tablet or Phone?

Well, that’s the poopy news.  The site is completely responsive, but the filtering feature doesn’t work, but there are a few cool sorting options available on mobile devices to help you navigate, such as best sellers, highest to lowest price, lowest to highest, etc.

It’s Kind of Quirky….Carrie

The bad news, is I am still working out the kinks.  I discovered through this process that I have 970 products.  Each one of those products has sizes attached, a pattern, content (Cotton, Rayon, Polyester) and doing this is ALL Manual.  Truthfully, I keep doing searches and filters to try and weed out the human errors (which were my errors) since there is no way to automate this process.

Give it a whirl, be patient over the next few weeks with the clean-up effort, but I am hoping in the meantime the added functionality will help you narrow down your search.  With so many products, it is not easy for people to see everything in their size, in their style in my online shop without these filters, so I am hoping you will get a glipse of all we carry in your size, according to your preference.

Pardon the mess – the cleanup effort will be ongoing, and the technology isn’t perfect, but I am hoping we are one step closer to a site that is a little easier to navigate.

Choose how to View your Currency

This is not “New” functionality, but we added Australian dollars to the Multi Currency pull-down in the top right hand corner of the website, since I do get a lot of Australian folks ordering from Carrie’s Closet.  It is also a good reminder to those who are from outside of Canada, that you are able to change the views of different currencies. 

Be advised you are still BILLED in Canadian dollars, because…. well, I’m Canadian, eh?  But at least you can see an approximate cost in your home currency.  Be advised, that this does not take into account what your credit card company or paypal’s exchange rate is, or even the difference between checking out a product today, and a week from now. I didn`t hike (or drop) the price, it is just the exchange rate doing its thing, but it will give you a half decent ball park what it costs in your home currency. 

Would You Like to See More Filters?

Any filters you would like to see that aren’t there?  Email me at  Its no small feat implementing a new filter and applying it to every single product, but if I know what you want to see, once I get the current filters ironed out, I will work on your suggestions next!  Some of the ones I want to work on next is Inseam on Leggings (they are all listed in each product, but would be great to let you filter by them) and also Rise (some people prefer, or resist high waist, so that may be a good one too).

Product Reviews

Just a reminder!  I have added product reviews to each listing.  I would be thrilled if you run across something that you already bought from me, if you would would take a quick minute to review the product.  It is really helpful to new and existing customers to see genuine, constructive information that will help them choose this product.  Did you love the fabric?  Did they fit true to size or a little small?  Did you use the sizing chart?  How did it work for you? How did your product do after a few washes?  Let us know, because it helps me commit (or eliminate) vendors, and it helps customers determine if they need to size up or down if they love the same pattern. 

Thanks for your patience and I hope you are happy with the changes.

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