Fashion Trend Forecast for 2016


This year saw many exciting new trends appear on the fashion scene. Gingham was given a sexy new makeover for spring, and summer was awash with sky-high heels and oversize jewelry. 2015 was characterized by the return of sleek hemlines, polished office wear and minimal, feminine casual wear in neutral hues. 2016 is shaping up to be just as exciting, with several hints from designers as to what can be expected in the coming months.

Wine Gothic

This year saw a heavy resurgence in 1990s-inspired fashion, with dark lips, smoky eyes, chokers and crop tops popularized by celebrities such as Kylie Jenner. 2016 will see a movement away from matte black monotones, as the trend takes on more colors. Berry purples, decadent reds and even rich forest greens will highlight this trend.

Parisian Minimalist

Powered by fashion bloggers, this trend has triggered an explosion of interest on social media, particularly Pinterest, as American and British bloggers adopt the continental practice of keeping wardrobe items to a minimum and purchasing classic, high-investment pieces. The philosophy behind it evokes timelessness, ease of travel, and a backlash against consumerism. This trend can be easily copied with a pair of black ankle boots, black skinny jeans, a neutral T-shirt and waterfall blazer.

Rib Knits

Touted as the new texture for 2016, and again following from the 90's trend, chunky rib knits may well explode on the scene in the new year. Expect floor-length knit skirts, crop tops and accessories to embrace this trend.


The bohemian trend is far from over, with the style moving into Moroccan territory. Terra cotta colors, rich marsala, stunning blues and purples adorned with beads and tassels will evoke exotic luxury on holiday and on the high street in the summer months of 2016. Sandals, bangles, bucket bags and beach wave hair will accompany this richly textured trend in the spring/summer, while blanket scarves, smoky makeup, gold accessories and leather boots will characterize the Moroccan trendsetter in the fall and winter.

Neon Tie-Dye

Whether you loved or hated the neon tribal trend, it is back in a new light. Neon colors will steer away from the monochromatic ethnic prints that characterized festival wear this year, and pair with dreamy, blurred tie-dye patterns to create hippie flair with a new edge. Expect flared jeans with bright alterations, fluorescent jewelry, floral prints in stunning colors and jelly flats.

Fashion trends in 2016 are expected to be bold, unique and off the wall. While mostly pre-empted by several popular 2015 trends, it looks as though 2016 will be entirely individual, and promise fresh looks for fashion lovers everywhere.

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  • Carrie Paxson