Fall Fashion Accessories that are on Trend


As the warm weather slips away and you start reaching for more substantial clothing, why not add some accessories to give your classic clothing a more updated look? By adding a few trendy accessory items, you’ll end up spending less on fall and winter clothing and still look stylish. What’s on the horizon for fall and winter accessories? Here are some “must have” fall fashion accessories you’ll want to consider:

Fall fashion accessories: Boots

Boots can instantly add style to a dress, skirt, or pair or pants and you’ll have a variety of choices this year when it comes to fall/winter boot wear. From boots that fall just below the ankle decorated with faux fur to ones that extend above the knee, boots are a hot item. The newest style boot to hit the fashion scene is the flat heeled riding boot which is not only chic but comfortable to boot. (no pun intended). Once you slip on riding boots and tuck them into slim pants, you’ll be glad that fall has arrived. Invest in at least one pair of boots this year in the style of your choice.

Fall fashion accessories: The belt

The belt has made a come back for the fall. You’ll find belts wrapped around dresses, sweaters, cardigans, tunics, and even coats to create a chic fashion statement. Although thin belts are hot, thicker styles will still have their place. Pick the style that looks best on you and use it to give your sweaters and cardigans a more fitted appearance. Belts offer great versatility.

Fall fashion accessories: Patterned hosiery and tights

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to add texture to a fall outfit, add some textured hose or tights to your wardrobe. Patterned hose and tights can instantly transform a basic dress into a fashion statement. To avoid looking too busy, get a pair in a dark shade and wear them with a solid colored dress in the same shade. The great thing about textured hosiery is they last much longer than plain hose which tend to run after only a few wearing. Don’t forget about teaming patterned tights or hose with pants. A pair of textured hose worn with a tailored suit and matching pumps is great look for the office. 

Fall fashion accessories: A statement necklace

This is the year of the bold, statement making necklaces. You’ll want to have at least one dramatic necklace that can be a focal piece worn with a simple sweater and pants. Choose a necklace that’s a real show stopper. Necklaces with large gemstone beads, wood, bone, and other natural materials are good choices to wear with fall fashions. Oversized pendants also make important fashion statements for fall 2008 and winter 2009. Look for large medallions, coins, and carved gemstone pendants to update the look of sweaters and blouses. When you wear your statement necklace, keep the rest of your jewelry super simple to avoid looking overdone.

Fall fashion accessories will give you lots of opportunity for quick wardrobe updates. Make sure you have some of these essential items so you can step out in style.

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  • Carrie Paxson