Accredentials Inc (owner of Carrie's Closet) acquires


This has been an exciting week!  After a few weeks of discussions, has come under the fold of Accredentials Incorporated, which is the parent company for Carrie's Closet.

What is a BeautyGram BoxWhat is a BeautyGram?

  • sophisticated, fun alternative to flowers
  • a premium unboxing experience for the receiver
  • a thoughtful gift
  • a pleasant surprise for a woman who needs a pick me up
  • a perfect corporate gift 
  • a thoughtful gesture for formal, or informal occasions
  • a beautiful gift basket full of girly products
  • an impressionable gift for someone who has everything

I have been in love with this business since the day I saw it on an advertisement in a elevator at work in 2012.  I was taken with the packaging and the concept and went straight to my desk to type in and quickly sent two BeautyGram boxes to my buddies Marnie and Kendra.  They shared their experience with me when it was received, and I have been a customer ever since.

Later that same year, I bought 21 BeautyGrams for my training team at work for Christmas, (the dudes got a different gift, but all the ladies received beautygrams) and had the pleasure of watching the ladies unbox them at our Christmas gathering.  Since then, I have bought many of these for different reasons, for different people. 

When I started Carrie's Closet in January 2013, I reached out to Jennifer Ruparell, the founder of BeautyGram and asked if she would meet with me, because I was looking for advice on my new ecommerce business.  We did not know each other at the time (other than through my previous orders) and she kindly came downtown and met me at a Starbucks.  She is absolutely lovely!  Friendly, warm, charismatic and empathetic.  We had a great meeting and since then, I have continued to support BeautyGram with tweets, shares, likes, blogs, reviews and more purchases when occasions called for it.

When I found out BeautyGram was for sale, I got to know Jennifer better through that process, and I knew that I needed to find a way to purchase it.  We moved mountains to make it happen, and October 20, 2015 we signed all the papers, and October 21, 2015 we moved all the assets to Carrie's Closet warehouse. And what a splash of color we added!   Jennifer took me through her setup prior, so I pulled down some racks of clothing and Holger set up some of the same shelves that Jennifer had from Ikea.  

We had his truck, front seat, back seat and box loaded with stock, and moved it all into the white cubby holes.  At this stage, there was no rhyme or reason - we were just putting it into cubby holes and unloading stock from both Holger's truck and my car.  

First attempt at moving BeautyGram into Carrie's Closet warehouse

Jennifer was following with another SUV full of stock and she offered to help me set up so I can fulfill easily.  Now Jennifer is a pro - this is what the final space looked like after she got it set up for me.  I have two tables set up with the wrapping paper and enough room to pull the stock that goes into the BeautyGram and work.  The different colors of tissue paper are on the left.

Final Space for BeautyGram at Carrie's Closet warehouse

Here is a close up of the different types of stock that go into the BeautyGram, all nicely organized.

Close up of BeautyGram stock unboxed in the cubby holes at Carrie's Closet warehouse

So we are ready to roll!  Jennifer took me through creating the boxing experience, and how to wrap the tissue paper exactly right.  Also, those big pink boxes you see on the top are practically indestructible custom shipping boxes, so that the BeautyGram reaches its destination unharmed and in tact.  Orders have already been coming in with the initial social media announcement yesterday, so we are up and running!

So what's next?

Over the next few days, I will be getting social media set up and a newsletter sent out to the subscribers of BeautyGram, along with an announcement to the Carries Closet subscribers as well so that they know that we adopted a sister.  Superstar PR Christina Rowsell is putting together a press release for me that will be released after Remembrance day on November 12th.

I don't have any plans to make changes to BeautyGram.  Likely new packages will be introduced over time, but what is important to me is to hold true to all the reasons why I loved BeautyGram in the first place.  I love the unboxing experience.  I want everyone who receives one to also fall in love with that experience.

For any of you who are interested in following BeautyGram, the handle is @beautygrams (S on the end!) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  

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  • Carrie Paxson