FRFA Fundraiser at Carrie's Closet


Today we had the fundraiser at the Carrie's Closet Warehouse, and many kitty supporters came out to say hello, do a little Christmas shopping and raise some cash for a great cause.  Prior to the event, I went by FRFA and took some photos and some video clips to share with you, so you can see who you are supporting.  

The Feline Rescue Foundation of Alberta is a no kill organization that rescues cats. There are currently approximately 80 cats that live in the shelter, and also additional cats that live with foster families.  The cats have excellent care.  Daily, volunteers come into the shelter to feed the cats and clean the litter and tend to their needs.  The cats in the community all have their shots and veterinarians come into the shelter to tend to their issues.

Even though much of their services are subsidized, food costs money, rent and utilities cost money,and even though vet bills are subsidized, they cost money too. Volunteers are a necessity and funding is imperative.  

Alberta has been hit by a recession and I know it is not always easy to donate cash.  If you are interested in helping FRFA, here is a Wish List of items that FRFA is always looking for.

I want to share with you some photos, and some fun videos we made at FRFA of a few of the cats prior to the warehouse opening today.  What an amazing day.







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