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Free Leggings at the Canadian Business Chicks Holiday Networking Event

Hello everyone! 

Carrie's Closet is a proud member of Canadian Business Chicks.  Last night, there was a Holiday Networking Social at the Gerry Thomas Art Gallery in Calgary, Alberta where a room full of entrepreneurs shook hands, kissed babies and listened to some amazing keynote speakers.

Carrie's Closet donated some leggings to one lucky winner and we are excited to show you what we donated!  The winner of course has the option to exchange for their choice of style and size in the same price category.  However, this is what we did for the lucky lady who won this $64 value in leggings.  Its always fun to give leggings away!  


20% off site wide Halloween Sale at

Hello Ghosts and Goblins!  In celebration of Halloween, Carrie's Closet is having a little 20% off site wide sale in hopes to clear out some of the awesome Halloween #leggings we carry!

Discount Code is: halloween

Sale starts at midnight on Oct 30th and goes until midnight Nov 1, 2015!

Happy Shopping!

<3 carrie


Carrie’s Closet Gets a Facelift! New Functionality and…..Pardon Our Mess!

Product Filters - You asked! We listened!

If you check out Carrie’s Closet, you will notice that we got a little facelift!  But it is more than a facelift!  We added filters!  What does that mean?  Well, it means that when you are searching for your favorite product (i.e. Leggings, Tops, Dresses), you can “Filter” by size, so you are only shown products in your size.  Or…… you can filter by Brand, so that you can see all the styles you love in your best-fitting brand!

If you really want to get tricky, you can filter by your favorite, brand, AND by your size AND you can even choose your favorite pattern (Aztec? Skull? Galaxy)?  Care where its made?  What if you only want to see Leggings Made in Canada?  Or you only like cotton blends?  We got you covered!

I know…. I know…. Its about friggin’ time.  But it has been no easy feat finding the right template, with the right functionality AND adding all the new filteres to each product manually to get this working.

The good news, is that it is LIVE and I couldn’t be happier about it.  I really think the investment is a win for everyone.

How Does it Work on a Computer?

Click Shop

All the Collections are in Alphabetical. Click Leggings

Scroll allll the way down while looking at all the amazing filters on the left hand size.  At the very bottom, there is a grid of sales items as well.

How Does it Work on a Tablet or Phone?

Well, that’s the poopy news.  The site is completely responsive, but the filtering feature doesn’t work, but there are a few cool sorting options available on mobile devices to help you navigate, such as best sellers, highest to lowest price, lowest to highest, etc.

It’s Kind of Quirky….Carrie

The bad news, is I am still working out the kinks.  I discovered through this process that I have 970 products.  Each one of those products has sizes attached, a pattern, content (Cotton, Rayon, Polyester) and doing this is ALL Manual.  Truthfully, I keep doing searches and filters to try and weed out the human errors (which were my errors) since there is no way to automate this process.

Give it a whirl, be patient over the next few weeks with the clean-up effort, but I am hoping in the meantime the added functionality will help you narrow down your search.  With so many products, it is not easy for people to see everything in their size, in their style in my online shop without these filters, so I am hoping you will get a glipse of all we carry in your size, according to your preference.

Pardon the mess – the cleanup effort will be ongoing, and the technology isn’t perfect, but I am hoping we are one step closer to a site that is a little easier to navigate.

Choose how to View your Currency

This is not “New” functionality, but we added Australian dollars to the Multi Currency pull-down in the top right hand corner of the website, since I do get a lot of Australian folks ordering from Carrie’s Closet.  It is also a good reminder to those who are from outside of Canada, that you are able to change the views of different currencies. 

Be advised you are still BILLED in Canadian dollars, because…. well, I’m Canadian, eh?  But at least you can see an approximate cost in your home currency.  Be advised, that this does not take into account what your credit card company or paypal’s exchange rate is, or even the difference between checking out a product today, and a week from now. I didn`t hike (or drop) the price, it is just the exchange rate doing its thing, but it will give you a half decent ball park what it costs in your home currency. 

Would You Like to See More Filters?

Any filters you would like to see that aren’t there?  Email me at  Its no small feat implementing a new filter and applying it to every single product, but if I know what you want to see, once I get the current filters ironed out, I will work on your suggestions next!  Some of the ones I want to work on next is Inseam on Leggings (they are all listed in each product, but would be great to let you filter by them) and also Rise (some people prefer, or resist high waist, so that may be a good one too).

Product Reviews

Just a reminder!  I have added product reviews to each listing.  I would be thrilled if you run across something that you already bought from me, if you would would take a quick minute to review the product.  It is really helpful to new and existing customers to see genuine, constructive information that will help them choose this product.  Did you love the fabric?  Did they fit true to size or a little small?  Did you use the sizing chart?  How did it work for you? How did your product do after a few washes?  Let us know, because it helps me commit (or eliminate) vendors, and it helps customers determine if they need to size up or down if they love the same pattern. 

Thanks for your patience and I hope you are happy with the changes.

Photo Shoot for Carrie`s Closet - a new approach

This afternoon, we had a pretty crazy photo shoot.  Well, crazy for me (even though I wasn`t the one dressing and undressing a thousand times).  In an attempt to be stocked well for the Spruce Meadows Christmas Market, stock was coming in weekly.  We were stocking old favorites and some new gems that I couldn't resist bringing in. The result was one of the bigger photo shoots we have done (at least it was for me!).

I have taken a bit of a new approach with this photo shoot than I have done in the past.  Not in all cases, but in SOME cases I had the same outfit shot on different models.  Even though I cannot do it for all of my products (we are up to almost 850) I wanted to start doing it for some of them, so that my customers can see how they fit on different body types.  I can't really go back in time and do this for the whole site, but for similar brands it gives me the ability to point customers to photo shoots where there are women wearing the product in small, medium and large (and in some cases XL).  I am hoping that helps with your shopping experience.


A big thank you to to our beautiful models:  Sheila M, Cassidy K, Charlene D, Billie D, Kelly S, Madison S. and to the superstar photographer, M.Hawkes Photography

What a tonne of fun though!  All the gals that came out today I had ties to.  Sheila and I use to be neighbors (condos side by side).  She is now A.M. at Carrie's Closet over the holiday season, and she even stepped up to shine her smile at the Women's Show on stage, and again today.  What a good sport and a beautiful model!  And thank you 10 million for all your hard work over the Christmas season.  I would have been hooped without you.

Charlene and I use to both work in Sales at Superpages and when we were young, footloose and fancy free, we even did a big houseboat trip with a bunch of gals!  Its easily been a few years since we have seen each other, but have been poking each other on Facebook. She put me in contact with her beautiful daughter Billie for some part-time help, and both of them modelled today and looked fabulous!  Char and I haven`t shared a meal in years, but whenever I eat Indian food I think of her.  I couldn`t stand it in my 20s, and she invited me over for dinner and served Korma and Butter Chicken.  I had no idea how I was going to choke it down.  And when I did - I fell in LOVE with it!  I have been eating it ever since!  Thanks Char baby!

Kelly and I worked at Nexen together for years, and though social media have stayed connected.  She stepped up like a trooper to help me at Spruce Meadows and she brought her gorgeous little daughter Madison, who is a 9 year old gymnast. Kelly is an absolute beauty and she makes beautiful babies too!  Both of them crushed it today, and I can`t wait to see the mommy daughter shots.  I have to mention that this duo do not live in Calgary.  Thanks ladies for sharing your weekend visiting Cowtown with us!

Cassidy has done LOTS with Carrie`s Closet over the last few years.  She has worked trade shows, helped me with social media listings, helped me find staff and today, she did some modelling.  She is an absolutely gorgeous young lady and she is one of the politest people I know.  She is one of those young girls that you know for sure will be in a leadership role in her career at a very young age.  She has the whole package - brains, beauty and grace.  Thanks Cassidy for modelling today and for all your help.

Last but certainly not least is Maegan.  Half owner of Sundrops Studio and photographer extraordinaire, she is the talent behind all of the photos on my website (with the exception of the stock photos we haven't got to, and some bloggers photos and my iphone uploads at trade shows of customers).  Not only do I trust her 200% with my website photos, she also did my wedding photos. I am so happy to have her in my court, and her talent throughout the pages of my website. She has brought my website and social media to a whole new level.  Thanks Maegan!

Keep an eye on things over the next week.  I look forward to sharing some of the photos with you prior to putting them into the listings.

For the models that were taking pictures during the shoot, if you dare, please share out some of your favorites.  I was hoping to take some photos during the shoot but it just got too hairy. lol.  I'd love to see some preliminary shots if possible.




About Internet Fraud - a note from retailers to consumers

Hello respected customers!  With the increase of eCommerce, comes an increase of fraudulent transactions online.  The good  news, is most transactions are from well-intentioned customers and retailers that wish to do business together.  However, there are those rare exceptions where there are issues, and we need to ensure that both the customer and the retailers are protected and safe when shopping.  In the recent months, I have had more suspicious activity, and it has worked its way around in surprising ways.  The good news, is my eCommerce solution provider sends warnings about suspicious activity for me, so most of these are caught and reversed before any product is shipped.  Some of the red flags that I have received notification on are:




- The billing address does not match the payment method (i.e. paypal or credit card).  Sometimes this is legitimate, when a customer moves and hasn't updated their address records.  In other cases, it is a red flag, especially if the city, province and country are different.

- There are multiple addresses (billing address and shipping address is different), and the customer`s IP address is in a different country.  Another red flag.  Again, there are reasons where this could be legitimate, but in most causes it points to fraudulent activity.

In light of this, I am definitely asking more questions than I use to with respect to my eCommerce service providers and even verifying with my customers when my eCommerce solution alerts me of this type of suspicious activity.  

The good news, is that these are vary rare.  Literally for me, about 1 or 2 every thousand transactions have an issue that needs attention.  However, when it happens, it is stressful for everyone, especially the person who had their credit card hijacked.

Most people practice safe habits with their credit cards and banking information but some of these cyber bastards get this information anyway.  I am not going to waste your time and research and list good security habits that you can likely find listed on a million websites.  What I would rather do is share with you some things to be aware of when shopping online from my perspective as a retailer:

If you moved recently, and you shop on my website, you can expect that I will contact you before I ship

Ecommerce retailers who are dealing with reputable ecommerce solutions will ALERT us when there is an issue before we fulfill any orders.  They are hooked up to payment gateways that do these checks and balance for us and let us know whether we are dealing with a potential fraud case.  If I get an alert on your order, I need to contact you to make sure your credit card didn't get lifted.  I am not calling you to give you a sales pitch or to be a nuisance.  I want to make sure you actually ordered the product before I ship it.    

Shop with retailers that invest in actual eCommerce solutions

I am not advocating that more money means better.  I am not suggesting that entrepreneurs that add buttons to their free sites are not legitimate business people deserving of our business.  I am only telling you that security measures are not usually free. Scroll to the bottom of the website and make sure that it is branded with an eCommerce solution and payment gateways. Then at a minimum you know you are dealing with someone who has invested in your security and their own.  Stay away from websites that are on free platforms that someone added some checkout buttons to.  If you have any doubt, use paypal instead of your credit card.  Paypal at least has buyer protection, so you have the means to see if you are dealing with a verified account (and so do I!).  Also, nothing fires me up like websites that are not transparent with their contact information. For cripes sakes people - post your email address and phone number.  Make sure that you feel comfortable if you are buying, that you have the ability to contact them if there is a problem.  

Please enter your phone number in the order!

Truthfully, the phone is my least preferred contact method.  I am a web person.  In my world, phones are for checking social media and text messaging.

Email, instant messaging, coffee dates and social media are my preferred contact methods.  I rarely make a phone call in the year 2014.  However, there are times when a customer needs to talk to me to make sure I am a living, breathing person and not a phishing site and I respect that and appreciate that due diligence.  On the flip side, if I get a fraud warning due to an address change, or you are on vacation placing an order for your best friend and cannot call or text you to verify, I may not be able to fulfill your order.  It is too big of a risk to take a payment unless we both know we are cool.  Further, if you are outside of North America, I need a phone number to print a shipping label. I NEED one.  So that the post office can contact you if need be.  I have been using MY phone number on some of my orders because customers don't fill them in.

Since I am not a phone person, you can be rest assured I won`t call you to market to you.  :0)  And.... there are laws that govern how I market to you online, so you are safe!  And I would never sell your information. Ever! So, please place your phone number in the order field.

Be safe out there when online shopping! website gets a "facelift" with a new look and feel


For those of you who click on the Carrie's Closet website once in awhile, you probably noticed that the look and feel has taken a drastic change.

Even though the website looks significantly different, we didn't make the change for the sake of updating the look.  We actually updated the template to implement the following functionality:




  • Customers now have the ability to view our pricing in Canadian Dollars, USD, Euro and GBP.  Payments are processed in Canadian Dollars, but international customers have a choice in how they view pricing.
  • More extensive Social Media options (over 200 to be exact!) so share away if you see something you like!
  • When you click the BUY NOW button, it takes you to the collections page.

I hope you enjoy the new user experience!