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Four Surprisingly Chic Ways to Wear Leggings

Women everywhere are reaching for their comfy closet staple-- leggings. While leggings are not always the most flattering choice, they are definitely the most comfortable and practical option for the rising temperatures. With a little know-how, you can create a chic outfit featuring your favorite pair of leggings. Read on to learn how!

Try a Pastel Tunic 

If you haven't noticed already, tunics and pastel shades are trending. Combine both of these trends by flaunting a pastel tunic with solid colored or printed leggings. To make this look work for you, choose a loose tunic that ends mid-thigh. Avoid thick or non-stretchy fabrics. Instead, look for a tunic that has a little slack with a structured fit for an undeniably chic look.

Layer On

Layering is a fail-proof way to make even the coziest outfit stylish. When it comes to leggings though, it can easily go wrong. Instead of layering on tight, fitted tops, choose flowy or oversized garments to balance the look out.

Grab a Slouchy Sweater

A slouchy sweater with dolman sleeves is a must-have. Don't reach for a chunky knit material though. Open-knit, mesh and other lightweight fabrics are a much more comfortable and stylish option. Every body type can rock this trend with leggings. Perfect for a casual day of shopping or lounging at home, this look is both chic and on-trend.

Flaunt a Short Dress

From elegant lace to bold and colorful patterns, there are many different styles of dresses to choose from. One thing is certain though; dresses have gotten a bit shorter at the hemline. There is no better way to accent a short dress than with leggings. Never hide from the wind again while flaunting your favorite dress.

These four trends pair perfectly with leggings. Put them to the test to discover which ones work best for your body type. Don't forget to add your own unique spin on things with fun accessories.

Quick Last-Minute Halloween Costumes From your Own Closet

Maybe you spent the last of your budget on early Christmas shopping. Maybe your invitation was lost in the mail. It could have been any number of things, but what matters right this very minute is that you're attending a Halloween costume party and you have no costume, no ideas and can't (or refuse to) acquire an expensive, store-bought costume.

There's no need to break out the "This is my costume" tee shirt once again. Some simple, clever costumes are hiding in your very own closet. Use these tips to craft a last-minute character that might even put some of the pricey get-ups to shame.

Look for the following items in your wardrobe:


Two-piece suits can be a template for several costumes. Pair with an out-of-style tie and use lots of styling gel to be a TV evangelist (you can even paint on sideburns.) Wear an unbuttoned dress shirt (the tackier, the better) and a gold chain to be a lounge lizard. Pair a suit with devil horns (easy to find around Halloween and usually inexpensive) and claim to be an executive from a company you despise --Exxon is an easy target.


Almost everyone has some sort of uniform, or a piece of one, in the back of their closet. Maybe it's a smock from a quickly-abandoned fast food job, or the neckerchief from your scouting days. Dress shirts or jackets with old company emblems are a great find. Pair any of these with simple zombie makeup to be an undead employee, athlete, scout, etc.

Previously-Used Costumes

Re-using a costume doesn't have to be boring if you find a way to breathe new life into it. Got a Grim Reaper robe from a previous party? Black out some teeth and go as Bubba Reaper. Make a masculine costume feminine, or vice versa. If you have several costumes, combine them all and attend your party as The Ghost of Halloweens Past.

Prom Dresses/Dressy Dresses

That ugly bridesmaid dress in the back of the closet is a Halloween jackpot. Fashion a sash from paper or old ribbon and use a black marker to label yourself as a pageant winner appropriate to the dress. An outdated '80s gown might make you Miss Teen USA 1985. Braid your hair and add country-style accessories to become Miss Podunk County Fair. Use your imagination and invent a pageant that suits your personality as well as the dress.

Anything Black

Not only is an all-black outfit in the Halloween spirit on its own, but it also makes for the beginning of several costume ideas. A black turtleneck or sweater with black pants can be a '50s-era beatnik costume. Carry a volume of pretentious poetry for authenticity. With makeup and jewelry, an all-black ensemble becomes a goth uniform, or add a goatee and become Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. Or, paint-on whiskers and a makeshift tail for a quick animal costume.

Clothes for Other Purposes

Check your closet for any outfits that don't qualify as regular street clothes and you'll have an instant costume. Ski gear, tropical beachwear, and exercise or dance clothing can all stand in as costumes in a pinch. If all else fails, wear your pajamas, robe and slippers.

Throwaway Clothes

Have some clothing items that have seen better days? You're in luck. With a little shredding, an old pair of jeans and shirt can make you an island castaway. Pair any shredded clothing with pale makeup and become one of the walking dead.

Unusual Pieces

If you're still stumped, look for any single item in your closet that seems unusual. You might come up with a leotard, a top hat, a fur cape, ski boots, a sequin top or a tuxedo jacket, for example. Wear one (or more) of these unusual items and ask attendees to guess who you are. You don't have to have anything in mind at all: someone will eventually come up with a clever guess. Tell them that they are absolutely correct.

Even an attempt at a costume is better than no costume at all. If you're still pressed for ideas, wear a kooky hat, dress all in one color, or be brave and wear a rival sport's teams colors. Halloween is about having fun, so don't be afraid to take a risk. You'll have a Halloween to remember.

Fall Fashion Accessories that are on Trend

As the warm weather slips away and you start reaching for more substantial clothing, why not add some accessories to give your classic clothing a more updated look? By adding a few trendy accessory items, you’ll end up spending less on fall and winter clothing and still look stylish. What’s on the horizon for fall and winter accessories? Here are some “must have” fall fashion accessories you’ll want to consider:

Fall fashion accessories: Boots

Boots can instantly add style to a dress, skirt, or pair or pants and you’ll have a variety of choices this year when it comes to fall/winter boot wear. From boots that fall just below the ankle decorated with faux fur to ones that extend above the knee, boots are a hot item. The newest style boot to hit the fashion scene is the flat heeled riding boot which is not only chic but comfortable to boot. (no pun intended). Once you slip on riding boots and tuck them into slim pants, you’ll be glad that fall has arrived. Invest in at least one pair of boots this year in the style of your choice.

Fall fashion accessories: The belt

The belt has made a come back for the fall. You’ll find belts wrapped around dresses, sweaters, cardigans, tunics, and even coats to create a chic fashion statement. Although thin belts are hot, thicker styles will still have their place. Pick the style that looks best on you and use it to give your sweaters and cardigans a more fitted appearance. Belts offer great versatility.

Fall fashion accessories: Patterned hosiery and tights

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to add texture to a fall outfit, add some textured hose or tights to your wardrobe. Patterned hose and tights can instantly transform a basic dress into a fashion statement. To avoid looking too busy, get a pair in a dark shade and wear them with a solid colored dress in the same shade. The great thing about textured hosiery is they last much longer than plain hose which tend to run after only a few wearing. Don’t forget about teaming patterned tights or hose with pants. A pair of textured hose worn with a tailored suit and matching pumps is great look for the office. 

Fall fashion accessories: A statement necklace

This is the year of the bold, statement making necklaces. You’ll want to have at least one dramatic necklace that can be a focal piece worn with a simple sweater and pants. Choose a necklace that’s a real show stopper. Necklaces with large gemstone beads, wood, bone, and other natural materials are good choices to wear with fall fashions. Oversized pendants also make important fashion statements for fall 2008 and winter 2009. Look for large medallions, coins, and carved gemstone pendants to update the look of sweaters and blouses. When you wear your statement necklace, keep the rest of your jewelry super simple to avoid looking overdone.

Fall fashion accessories will give you lots of opportunity for quick wardrobe updates. Make sure you have some of these essential items so you can step out in style.

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Trend Report: New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015

Amanda Gia

In case you missed it, New York Fashion Week came in like a bang and left fashionistas with a long list of must-haves for fall. Of course, there were furs and plaids galore in every collection, but some trends were standouts. Below are a few of the trends to include in your wardrobe and even try out right now!

Who Said Turtlenecks Were Out?

With the 70s splashed throughout most of the Fall/Winter 2015 collections, the turtleneck has definitely made a comeback. But, not in a bad way by no means! The turtleneck was the backdrop for the BCBG Max Azria collection.  As the base for layering brilliantly designed dresses, smocks, and embroidered outerwear, nearly all of the outfits included a turtleneck of some type. Tome's collection included turtlenecks made of scrunched gauzy fabric that contrasted and accentuated structured outerwear.  Tome also included turtleneck cuffs sans the shirt paired sometimes with v-neck dresses. Along with turtleneck sweaters in black and rust, Tome showed a vertically color-blocked black and purple turtleneck styled several different ways.

Ubiquitous Purple

Marsala may be the Pantone Color of the Year, but purple, especially cashmere rose, tried to upstage it in a big way. While marsala was quite conspicuous, even paired with purple often, there was no shortage of shades of purple including jewel tones like amethyst orchid, light shades like lavender, and everything in between.

Fringe Benefits

There were fringe skirts, tops, and dresses. Yet, the Rebecca Minkoff boots were an example of fringe perfection. These suede boots that came in varying heights, closed and peep-toe as well as brown, black, and white varieties were show stoppers. They will grace many feet this fall because they are stylish and translate well for many occasions.

Tailored Gauchos

Floppy unflattering gauchos of a few years back are gone, and impeccably tailored gauchos are way in! From Kate Spade New York to Parkchoonmoo who showed grey "skauchos" (skirt/gauchos), this cropped hemmed pant were included in many collections.  Sometimes worn with boots or styled with flats or classic pumps, tailored gauchos are a fresh take on menswear while staying feminine.

Summer Glow for the Fall Shows

There was a common beauty theme that ran through each of the shows: dewy skin.  It was refreshing to see a beauty trend for fall that gave a feeling of warmth to contrast falling temperatures that come with the season or with these shows for that matter.  Misting products  will help you achieve that dewy glow, but do not over saturate your face because you'll look oily instead of dewy. Nude or lightly stained lip color completed the runway beauty look. Give this and all of these trends a try before the weather heats up!

Spring Fashion 2015 -- White Out Conditions in the Spring

By Amanda Gia

White Sheer Kimono Poncho Spring collections traditionally show fresh florals and pastel colors and this season was no different. Yet the popular color trend seen in many spring 2015 collections was head-to-toe white. White jumpsuits, flowing dresses, blazers, and tailored pantsuits all made a luxe statement on the runway, and will do the same on the streets this spring. Even celebrities donned the marvelous color on the red carpets with award season in full swing. From Kate Hudson at the Golden Globes in Versace to Viola Davis in Max Mara at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, the color white shined brightly on the red carpet. Not just pure white made a splash this season, but shades of white like ivory, pearl, and floral were used to enliven the senses. 

Sometimes paired with sharp contrasting colors like black, white's strength was played up with the use of muted metallic embroidery and beading as well as subtle patterns this spring. The Armani Privé Spring 2015 Couture Collection was designed with a beautiful earthtone pastel palette along with crisp and pearlized whites. Bamboo patterns accented the various white, beige, and seashell shades of the collection without overpowering the look.  BCBG Max Azria Spring 2015 RTW Collection made white a focal color for some very stunning silhouettes and chic styles.  A Navajo white knee-length dress was constructed of delicate layers of sheer silk creating a feminine softness while making a bold statement.

Stéphane Rolland Haute Couture Spring 2015 Collection was full of glamorous drama. One standout piece was a pure white jumpsuit with a plunging neckline directing attention to silver beading along the waistline. For even more effect, the jumpsuit had an elegant white sheer cape. A companion piece in the collection was a high front-split, flowing floor-length gown with silver bead work along the batwing sleeves which matched the beading on the jumpsuit.

 All of these looks encapsulate what is hot about white this spring: it's fresh, fabulous, and will turn many heads when worn the right way in the right styles. White was not blocked this season, it was worn in its uninterrupted fullness taking center stage or acting as a backdrop for well appointed patterns. To take hold of this trend, wear a white blazer atop a cream dress.  Add a tailored white pantsuit or for a bolder look, jumpsuit to the wardrobe.  Take a cue from Phillip Lim Spring 2015 RTW Collection by showing some skin with cutouts and asymmetrics. White is definitely a trend that no one needs to sit out this year.

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