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Ecommerce Holiday Shipping Guide 2015 for Carries Closet

Shopping by eCommerce into December can be tricky for both the gift giver and the online retailer.  

Its important that when choosing ecommerce for holiday shopping, that we are both taking a chance on the item arriving on time.  

Based on the shipping times provided by both Canada Post and United States Postal Service (I use both services due to our proximity to the US border), please add a comfortable buffer onto both dates when ordering gifts from us this holiday season.  

Please bear in mind I fulfill within 24 hours.  To be more specific on what that means.... any orders that come in today, get packed tomorrow, so that I can make one trip to my warehouse and do all the packing at the same time.  

Canada Post Holiday Schedule

Carrie's Closet Order Deadline for Christmas Delivery

  Calgary Within Province Within Canada
Expedited (Tracked) Dec 20 Dec 18 Dec 13
XpressPost Dec 21 Dec 19 Dec 18
Priority Dec 22 Dec 22 Dec 22

United States Postal Service for US and International Deliveries

First class mail in the united states, I need your order by NOON on December 18, 2015 by Christmas Delivery.

In the United States, mail will NOT be delivered on Christmas Eve

For international Mail, truly it is a risk in December.  First class International can take 3 - 6 weeks, and tracking is not always seen up to our final destination, as many countries outsource their mail for parcel delivery. Please consider gift cards for Boxing Day shopping online for International destinations for purchases in December to avoid disappointment.

Other Options:

For local people, I will have the warehouse open.  Check Where to Find Us to see us in person.

For those who are concerned, consider our gift card option and let your loved one can pick out their own product during our Boxing Week Sales.  They are delivered to you immediatedly, electronically, and you can print them out, or copy and paste the code into another format.  They never expire and do not have to be used all at once.

Fulfillment and Mail Pickup 

Canada Post is open weeknights in my neighborhood until 9 p.m. and I fulfill all Friday evening and Saturday orders on Sunday.  

USPS: Delivery of packages to the United States Postal Service is every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  These items are picked up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  So please... PLEASE be as proactive as you can.  We will work with you to get your packages packed and out the door, but we are both viewing the SAME tracking number, so I cannot get it there any faster.

I hope this gives you the information you need to make an informed decision about cutoff times.