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Free Leggings at the Canadian Business Chicks Holiday Networking Event

Hello everyone! 

Carrie's Closet is a proud member of Canadian Business Chicks.  Last night, there was a Holiday Networking Social at the Gerry Thomas Art Gallery in Calgary, Alberta where a room full of entrepreneurs shook hands, kissed babies and listened to some amazing keynote speakers.

Carrie's Closet donated some leggings to one lucky winner and we are excited to show you what we donated!  The winner of course has the option to exchange for their choice of style and size in the same price category.  However, this is what we did for the lucky lady who won this $64 value in leggings.  Its always fun to give leggings away!  


20% off site wide Halloween Sale at

Hello Ghosts and Goblins!  In celebration of Halloween, Carrie's Closet is having a little 20% off site wide sale in hopes to clear out some of the awesome Halloween #leggings we carry!

Discount Code is: halloween

Sale starts at midnight on Oct 30th and goes until midnight Nov 1, 2015!

Happy Shopping!

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Four Surprisingly Chic Ways to Wear Leggings

Women everywhere are reaching for their comfy closet staple-- leggings. While leggings are not always the most flattering choice, they are definitely the most comfortable and practical option for the rising temperatures. With a little know-how, you can create a chic outfit featuring your favorite pair of leggings. Read on to learn how!

Try a Pastel Tunic 

If you haven't noticed already, tunics and pastel shades are trending. Combine both of these trends by flaunting a pastel tunic with solid colored or printed leggings. To make this look work for you, choose a loose tunic that ends mid-thigh. Avoid thick or non-stretchy fabrics. Instead, look for a tunic that has a little slack with a structured fit for an undeniably chic look.

Layer On

Layering is a fail-proof way to make even the coziest outfit stylish. When it comes to leggings though, it can easily go wrong. Instead of layering on tight, fitted tops, choose flowy or oversized garments to balance the look out.

Grab a Slouchy Sweater

A slouchy sweater with dolman sleeves is a must-have. Don't reach for a chunky knit material though. Open-knit, mesh and other lightweight fabrics are a much more comfortable and stylish option. Every body type can rock this trend with leggings. Perfect for a casual day of shopping or lounging at home, this look is both chic and on-trend.

Flaunt a Short Dress

From elegant lace to bold and colorful patterns, there are many different styles of dresses to choose from. One thing is certain though; dresses have gotten a bit shorter at the hemline. There is no better way to accent a short dress than with leggings. Never hide from the wind again while flaunting your favorite dress.

These four trends pair perfectly with leggings. Put them to the test to discover which ones work best for your body type. Don't forget to add your own unique spin on things with fun accessories.

5 Ways to Add Leopard Print to Your Wardrobe with Accessories

If you love leopard print but fear that it's synonymous with "vampy", think again. Leopard has been reborn, and while you have to be selective in how you use it, it has been reinvented as a sort of neutral. In your "goes with everything" palate of black, white, tan, and ivory, you can now add leopard print. Being a neutral, it can be paired with  more than just black and tan, and you can add it to your wardrobe in many different ways. Here are some ideas for how to fashionably add leopard print into your wardrobe with accessories.


A big fuzzy leopard jacket might not be advisable, but a nice trench-style jacket or blazer can be a great added touch to your wardrobe. Don't be afraid to pair your leopard jacket with colors, either. Red is a favorite match-up for leopard print, but you can also combine it with colors like orange, blue, and green.


Maybe you want to dive into leopard print, but you still have your reservations about making it a large part of your outfit. In this instance, adding leopard print to your wardrobe via a belt is a great option. Thin belts have become a fashion staple, and animal print belts can add that extra something special to any outfit without overdoing it.


Never forget that you can always add elements of style to your wardrobe with jewelry. Whether it's a simple leopard pendant or large statement earrings in leopard print you can add this fashion must-have to your wardrobe through baubles and bling. Keep in mind that when you add leopard print via accessories you don't necessarily have to include the traditional tan and black version of leopard print. Gold tone earrings with a textured leopard-print design are just as fashionable, and a great way to wear this style.


Ah, handbags, the fashion gifts that keep on giving. Is there any element of style that can't be added to your wardrobe through a handbag? If there is, leopard print isn't one of them. You can add leopard to your wardrobe by toting a bag that's leopard print, or a bag that simply has elements of the print, such as a ribbon.


Shoes are a great way to add a pop of color or an element of style to your wardrobe in a creative way. Leopard heels are always in style, particularly in the autumn months, and whether they're strappy heels or a pair of pumps you can't go wrong adding some leopard print to your outfit by way of your feet. Leopard flats are perfectly acceptable, as well, and look adorable with skirt-and-top combinations.