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Should Men Wear Meggings?

Meggings are a new trend that was first seen at an Alexander McQueen fashion show in 2007, but I have only been hearing about this more recently. The fashion suits slim men with good legs, and well-shaped calves, according to fashion critics. Celebrities, such as Russell Brand and Justin Bieber, have been seen in meggings recently.  Young male shoppers in New York are rushing to Uniqlo, Barneys, and Nordstrom to buy the latest range of meggings.

Meggings consist of tight-fitting, calf-length trousers, similar to female leggings. They are often brightly colored. These figure-hugging pants also remind many “fashionistas” of the tight buckskin breeches worn by men in the Regency era.  These were nicknamed the “Inexpressibles,” and popularized by Regency dandies, such as Beau Brummell.

Many men shy away from this trend, because they think that it looks cheap or they complain that it isn’t masculine.  Several American men have remarked that it is too “European.” However, young men who appreciate the latest trends want to wear meggings. Several remarked in fashion magazines that they also find meggings comfortable. Another advantage of meggings is that they can be warm in winter.

Fashion experts agree that these male leggings can look good on the right men.  Errol Flynn certainly proved this when he played Robin Hood! 

What should be worn with meggings?  Fashion experts suggest that it is best to pair a dark pair of meggings with a crisp, white cotton shirt.  This shirt should be long enough to “avoid stares,” according to the celebrity expert, Kevin Thompson, in “If You Really Have to Wear Meggings, Here's What Shirt Goes With Them” by Kim Bhasin in The Australian on December 18, 2012. If you want to be more daring, why not copy Riccardo Tiscido of Givenchy.  He paired his models’ meggings with a rugged leather jacket and tough boots. Men are also teaming meggings with shorts.

At trade shows, I get a few male customers every show. Some buy them as meggings, and sure, some as a “lark”. However, twice, I have had men in Alberta that are wrestlers buy leggings as well.

Long and short of it, should men wear meggings?  It’s a personal choice – and one that I am seeing men make more often with each passing month.  The majority of my customers are still women by far.  However, more men are sticking their neck out and giving them a try.  I am certainly not for or against this trend.  But I am seeing more and more buyers, however, I am not necessarily seeing them on the streets.  Not yet, maybe not ever.  Time will tell!