News — Pony Friday


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Elise and I met at an amazing workshop called Rock the Stage in 2016.  We became fast friends, and I have personally invested in some of her gear for myself, as I resonate with her message.

Pony Friday, Elise's brand is all about living your life, behaving boldly, and motivating others through her speaking engagements and by example.  She left the corporate grind a few years back and started her own agency, product line and she does motivational speaking on her journey as a entrepreneur.

The name, "Pony Friday" is a combination of two positive messages (this is my interpretation, although Elise says it more eloquently).  Coining her phrase, "Everyone loves ponies and we all live in anticipation of the next Friday—together they represent the best possible combination. And we truly believe that every day can feel like a Pony Friday!"

I highly recommend following Elise's social media (she is pretty much on all of them with the handle @PonyFriday) and also be sure to check out her merchandise with her bold, positive messages and brand on tshirts, socks, hats and other items.  I own my own collection, because I resonate with her messaging and I support her vision.  Join me, and start your own collection using our discount code this August long weekend:  CLOSET20 on her website Pony Friday.