20% off site wide Halloween Sale at

Hello Ghosts and Goblins!  In celebration of Halloween, Carrie's Closet is having a little 20% off site wide sale in hopes to clear out some of the awesome Halloween #leggings we carry!

Discount Code is: halloween

Sale starts at midnight on Oct 30th and goes until midnight Nov 1, 2015!

Happy Shopping!

<3 carrie


60 Days ‘til Christmas Sale 50% off sale ONLINE ONLY!

With the acquisition of, I need more room for stock!  In light of this, I am holding a fun promotion between now and Christmas for 60 days.

How it works!

  • Every day between October 25 – December 25, I am highlight a product from on sale for 50% off
  • Each product will be on sale for 50% off for one week, then will return to regular price.
  • If you see something come through the NYCinYYC social media feeds, jump on it, because it is either going to sell out, or return to full price.
  • Be advised I am not doing this with all stock. Lol. I am not liquidating, but I am giving you a chance to have fun with this sale, without losing the benefit of any discount codes. 

Check the social media feeds for the specials, or keep a close eye on my sales rack between now and Christmas.

  • Carrie Paxson

Calgary and Area Customers – Carrie's Closet Shop-A-Thon Fundraiser November 6, 7, 8 for YWCA of Calgary

YWCA of Calgary

 The YWCA of Calgary is the largest and longest serving women’s organization in Calgary. Through its more than 104 year history, the organization has touched tens of thousands of lives and evolved its programs to meet the changing needs of women in the community. The YWCA offers more than 18 programs that create a continuum of service for women, and their families, who are struggling with poverty, homelessness, family violence and isolation.

With their focus on empowering women to move from a place of vulnerability to one of resilience, the YWCA continues to be there when and where she needs us most.

In support of YWCA, Carrie’s Closet warehouse at 1257 38 Avenue NE will be open to the public for Holiday shopping.  

We are splitting the discount with the YWCA in support of their programs.  In other words, all customers receive 20% off leggings, tops and dresses, and I am matching that discount with a 20% donation of all proceeds that weekend to YWCA.  This discount is at the warehouse only, and does not extend to online.

Shopping Hours:

Address: 1257 38 Avenue NE

Friday, November 6 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Saturday, November 7 from 10 am to 2 p.m.

Sunday, November 8 from 10 am to 2 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment types do you accept?

We use square, so we take credit card payments and cash.  We have no debit machine because we are not regularly open to the public at this point.

Fair warning

The warehouse is a warehouse.  It is not a pretty retail space.  It has grey, concrete walls, grids, rolling racks, and LOTS of bins.  The warehouse is 400 square feet in total, so a very small space.  The team of us putting on this event are going to do our best to make it a little more retail friendly, but be advised that it is not set up for retail most days, so we will do our best to make it inviting.

  • Carrie Paxson

Accredentials Inc (owner of Carrie's Closet) acquires

This has been an exciting week!  After a few weeks of discussions, has come under the fold of Accredentials Incorporated, which is the parent company for Carrie's Closet.

What is a BeautyGram BoxWhat is a BeautyGram?

  • sophisticated, fun alternative to flowers
  • a premium unboxing experience for the receiver
  • a thoughtful gift
  • a pleasant surprise for a woman who needs a pick me up
  • a perfect corporate gift 
  • a thoughtful gesture for formal, or informal occasions
  • a beautiful gift basket full of girly products
  • an impressionable gift for someone who has everything

I have been in love with this business since the day I saw it on an advertisement in a elevator at work in 2012.  I was taken with the packaging and the concept and went straight to my desk to type in and quickly sent two BeautyGram boxes to my buddies Marnie and Kendra.  They shared their experience with me when it was received, and I have been a customer ever since.

Later that same year, I bought 21 BeautyGrams for my training team at work for Christmas, (the dudes got a different gift, but all the ladies received beautygrams) and had the pleasure of watching the ladies unbox them at our Christmas gathering.  Since then, I have bought many of these for different reasons, for different people. 

When I started Carrie's Closet in January 2013, I reached out to Jennifer Ruparell, the founder of BeautyGram and asked if she would meet with me, because I was looking for advice on my new ecommerce business.  We did not know each other at the time (other than through my previous orders) and she kindly came downtown and met me at a Starbucks.  She is absolutely lovely!  Friendly, warm, charismatic and empathetic.  We had a great meeting and since then, I have continued to support BeautyGram with tweets, shares, likes, blogs, reviews and more purchases when occasions called for it.

When I found out BeautyGram was for sale, I got to know Jennifer better through that process, and I knew that I needed to find a way to purchase it.  We moved mountains to make it happen, and October 20, 2015 we signed all the papers, and October 21, 2015 we moved all the assets to Carrie's Closet warehouse. And what a splash of color we added!   Jennifer took me through her setup prior, so I pulled down some racks of clothing and Holger set up some of the same shelves that Jennifer had from Ikea.  

We had his truck, front seat, back seat and box loaded with stock, and moved it all into the white cubby holes.  At this stage, there was no rhyme or reason - we were just putting it into cubby holes and unloading stock from both Holger's truck and my car.  

First attempt at moving BeautyGram into Carrie's Closet warehouse

Jennifer was following with another SUV full of stock and she offered to help me set up so I can fulfill easily.  Now Jennifer is a pro - this is what the final space looked like after she got it set up for me.  I have two tables set up with the wrapping paper and enough room to pull the stock that goes into the BeautyGram and work.  The different colors of tissue paper are on the left.

Final Space for BeautyGram at Carrie's Closet warehouse

Here is a close up of the different types of stock that go into the BeautyGram, all nicely organized.

Close up of BeautyGram stock unboxed in the cubby holes at Carrie's Closet warehouse

So we are ready to roll!  Jennifer took me through creating the boxing experience, and how to wrap the tissue paper exactly right.  Also, those big pink boxes you see on the top are practically indestructible custom shipping boxes, so that the BeautyGram reaches its destination unharmed and in tact.  Orders have already been coming in with the initial social media announcement yesterday, so we are up and running!

So what's next?

Over the next few days, I will be getting social media set up and a newsletter sent out to the subscribers of BeautyGram, along with an announcement to the Carries Closet subscribers as well so that they know that we adopted a sister.  Superstar PR Christina Rowsell is putting together a press release for me that will be released after Remembrance day on November 12th.

I don't have any plans to make changes to BeautyGram.  Likely new packages will be introduced over time, but what is important to me is to hold true to all the reasons why I loved BeautyGram in the first place.  I love the unboxing experience.  I want everyone who receives one to also fall in love with that experience.

For any of you who are interested in following BeautyGram, the handle is @beautygrams (S on the end!) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  

Four Surprisingly Chic Ways to Wear Leggings

Women everywhere are reaching for their comfy closet staple-- leggings. While leggings are not always the most flattering choice, they are definitely the most comfortable and practical option for the rising temperatures. With a little know-how, you can create a chic outfit featuring your favorite pair of leggings. Read on to learn how!

Try a Pastel Tunic 

If you haven't noticed already, tunics and pastel shades are trending. Combine both of these trends by flaunting a pastel tunic with solid colored or printed leggings. To make this look work for you, choose a loose tunic that ends mid-thigh. Avoid thick or non-stretchy fabrics. Instead, look for a tunic that has a little slack with a structured fit for an undeniably chic look.

Layer On

Layering is a fail-proof way to make even the coziest outfit stylish. When it comes to leggings though, it can easily go wrong. Instead of layering on tight, fitted tops, choose flowy or oversized garments to balance the look out.

Grab a Slouchy Sweater

A slouchy sweater with dolman sleeves is a must-have. Don't reach for a chunky knit material though. Open-knit, mesh and other lightweight fabrics are a much more comfortable and stylish option. Every body type can rock this trend with leggings. Perfect for a casual day of shopping or lounging at home, this look is both chic and on-trend.

Flaunt a Short Dress

From elegant lace to bold and colorful patterns, there are many different styles of dresses to choose from. One thing is certain though; dresses have gotten a bit shorter at the hemline. There is no better way to accent a short dress than with leggings. Never hide from the wind again while flaunting your favorite dress.

These four trends pair perfectly with leggings. Put them to the test to discover which ones work best for your body type. Don't forget to add your own unique spin on things with fun accessories.

Quick Last-Minute Halloween Costumes From your Own Closet

Maybe you spent the last of your budget on early Christmas shopping. Maybe your invitation was lost in the mail. It could have been any number of things, but what matters right this very minute is that you're attending a Halloween costume party and you have no costume, no ideas and can't (or refuse to) acquire an expensive, store-bought costume.

There's no need to break out the "This is my costume" tee shirt once again. Some simple, clever costumes are hiding in your very own closet. Use these tips to craft a last-minute character that might even put some of the pricey get-ups to shame.

Look for the following items in your wardrobe:


Two-piece suits can be a template for several costumes. Pair with an out-of-style tie and use lots of styling gel to be a TV evangelist (you can even paint on sideburns.) Wear an unbuttoned dress shirt (the tackier, the better) and a gold chain to be a lounge lizard. Pair a suit with devil horns (easy to find around Halloween and usually inexpensive) and claim to be an executive from a company you despise --Exxon is an easy target.


Almost everyone has some sort of uniform, or a piece of one, in the back of their closet. Maybe it's a smock from a quickly-abandoned fast food job, or the neckerchief from your scouting days. Dress shirts or jackets with old company emblems are a great find. Pair any of these with simple zombie makeup to be an undead employee, athlete, scout, etc.

Previously-Used Costumes

Re-using a costume doesn't have to be boring if you find a way to breathe new life into it. Got a Grim Reaper robe from a previous party? Black out some teeth and go as Bubba Reaper. Make a masculine costume feminine, or vice versa. If you have several costumes, combine them all and attend your party as The Ghost of Halloweens Past.

Prom Dresses/Dressy Dresses

That ugly bridesmaid dress in the back of the closet is a Halloween jackpot. Fashion a sash from paper or old ribbon and use a black marker to label yourself as a pageant winner appropriate to the dress. An outdated '80s gown might make you Miss Teen USA 1985. Braid your hair and add country-style accessories to become Miss Podunk County Fair. Use your imagination and invent a pageant that suits your personality as well as the dress.

Anything Black

Not only is an all-black outfit in the Halloween spirit on its own, but it also makes for the beginning of several costume ideas. A black turtleneck or sweater with black pants can be a '50s-era beatnik costume. Carry a volume of pretentious poetry for authenticity. With makeup and jewelry, an all-black ensemble becomes a goth uniform, or add a goatee and become Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. Or, paint-on whiskers and a makeshift tail for a quick animal costume.

Clothes for Other Purposes

Check your closet for any outfits that don't qualify as regular street clothes and you'll have an instant costume. Ski gear, tropical beachwear, and exercise or dance clothing can all stand in as costumes in a pinch. If all else fails, wear your pajamas, robe and slippers.

Throwaway Clothes

Have some clothing items that have seen better days? You're in luck. With a little shredding, an old pair of jeans and shirt can make you an island castaway. Pair any shredded clothing with pale makeup and become one of the walking dead.

Unusual Pieces

If you're still stumped, look for any single item in your closet that seems unusual. You might come up with a leotard, a top hat, a fur cape, ski boots, a sequin top or a tuxedo jacket, for example. Wear one (or more) of these unusual items and ask attendees to guess who you are. You don't have to have anything in mind at all: someone will eventually come up with a clever guess. Tell them that they are absolutely correct.

Even an attempt at a costume is better than no costume at all. If you're still pressed for ideas, wear a kooky hat, dress all in one color, or be brave and wear a rival sport's teams colors. Halloween is about having fun, so don't be afraid to take a risk. You'll have a Halloween to remember.