Our Team

Carrie Paxson, CEO

Carrie started Carrie's Closet January 15, 2013 for a few reasons.  First, she is a self proclaimed technology geek and she wanted to build up her competency in ecommerce to complement her skillset as an IS Consultant through Accredentials Incorporated.  Second, she wanted to build a business online as protection from the uncertainty of the contracting world. Her efforts started in 2012 with acquiring stock from different sources with a plan to launch in January 2013.  In December, she headed to Ireland and sourced more stock, and then made a pit stop for a few days in New York City in early January and booked a garment district tour, to source wholesale stock for Carrie's Closet.  Her first few retail lines included Gracia New York, Anac by Kimi Kim, Tempo Paris, Farinelli and Mechant (no leggings).  By spring, 2013, she discovered funky leggings through one of her suppliers and the response was positive so she focused on building the collection, and branched further into Fiore Hosiery, Buffs and a few artizan jewelry lines as well.   In the photo she is with her husband Holger.  He has no stake in Carrie's Closet but he is without a doubt is a big cheerleader for our team. He has definately carried many heavy boxes for me, and listens to my non-stop chatter about things that I am excited about.

Clothing lines have come and go, distribution channels continue to be sourced (Ebay: carriesclosett).  She primarily buys wholesale and sells retail, but and she also consigns or purchases stock from businesses that need help with online sales or are simply looking for a distribution channel.  

She also acquired the assets of BeautyGram.com on October 21, 2015 after being a customer since 2012.and then sold the business in october of 2018 to Lindsay Burton.

Carrie is passionate about giving back, giving gifts, customer service, transparency online and also building a community with other online retailers and businesses.  She hosts a meetup for local online retailers and loves to help others who are starting in ecommerce and also to be mentored by others who have specialties in this online space.  

Personally, she is an animal crazy.  Four feet, two feet, or no feet, she has empathy for all animals.  She is married, with two step children, a dog (#moveslikejager) and two cats (Winnie and Pooh).



Carol Richardson, Role Mama

Carol is Carrie's mother and hero. She retired in Northern Ireland 13 years ago wtih her husband and comes to Calgary twice a year to help at peak times with both BeautyGram and Carrie's Closet.  She has many gifts, with some of them being creating systems and better ways of doing things.  She can spot a hairline crack in a process a mile away and tighten things up.  Likely it is a part of her character, but she also has lots of practice from being a Manager at Scotiabank when she was working. She is my biggest cheerleader and I am hers. Like myself, she is bonafide animal crazy and has a heart full of love and empathy for all critters big and small.  

She sources product in Ireland for the Carrie's Closet Ebay store: carriesclosett at the charity shop she volunteers at, and Carrie flies her over on Aeroplan points, with TWO BIG SUITCASES twice a year for her ebay store.  Carol helps out at peak times and makes sure Carrie eats three times a day and catches up on those niggly tasks that pile up on a small business.  Carol is a driver, a powerhouse, and tireless, all with a sweet voice, am empathetic ear, a helpful demeanor and a smile.  

Carol loves to give back and gives gifts, and she is constantly thinking of ways to help others. Growing up, she use to maintain a quarter acre garden that she worked tirelessly in after work and took great pleasure in giving away much of the bounty.  That truly is her essence.