Returns and Refunds


I will accept returns for products that are unworn that are the wrong size, or were damaged upon receipt.  The last thing I want is an unhappy customer.  Returns are disappointing for both of us, so I will keep bringing in high quality items, if you promise to ask any questions you require to ensure you are getting the right product and the proper fit.  That way, unhappy customers and returns are the exception, not the rule.  Any returns, or questions about products from Carrie's Closet should be directed to Carrie directly at or to Carrie directly at 403-620-9487 (call or text message).  Tell me what it will take to make any product issues right.


What My Commitment Is

It benefits us both to have you out there rocking your clothing and telling everyone that you got them at Carrie's Closet.  I will happily exchange or refund any unworn product (tried on is no problem) for any reason, or no reason at all, as long as it is unworn.  

Returns are an unhappy moment for both the customer and the retailer.  There's no way to avoid it, but I want to minimize that disappointment, so I have made the the following commitment to my customers.

1.  I provide measurements on all clothing in my collection, in an effort to give you all the information you need to choose the correct size.  Different manufacturers have different measurements and fabrics.  Your best practice is to compare the measurements on the web page against your favorite fitting leggings at home.  Every style is measured laying flat, in inches, un-stretched.  Also, check the label of your favorite leggings.  Are they cotton or polyester?  High rise or low rise?  I have provided all this information for you to stick with what you love (or avoid what you hate).

2.  I have invested in photographs of real women wearing my leggings, not supermodels.  I don't have pictures for all styles, but I have been cycling through the styles and getting photo shoots done in local Calgary women, in all shapes and styles, so that you can see how they look on ladies - not only on mannequins in perfect lighting.  

3.  I have laid out my website both by style (skulls, cosmic, etc), and also by Brand (K Too, Cemi Ceri, etc.).  If you know that you are hawt hawt in a K Too Medium, search for K Too on my website to see the entire collection.

4.  I am transparent.  My email, address, phone number and all social media links are provided to each and every customer on my invoice.  If you need to reach me to return a product, or to discuss any issue, I am easy to find and I am motivated to resolve it. 


Shipping Charges with Returns

Shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer.  If you do not wish to keep your item that you purchased from us and would like to to return it, its no problem at all. However, it will be the responsibility of the customer to return the product back to me.   

What if Carries Closet Screws Up?

Admittedly, it has happened.  I have packed and shipped an order with the wrong size or style. When it is my screw up, I will abssolutely pay the expenses. Buyer's remorse, or "what was I thinking when I chose that style", I will still refund or exchange, but it is your responsibility to pay for shipping.  In order to avoid that at all costs, as mentioned above, I have made every effort to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision with photos and measurements. 

Shipping Delays

I can accept responsibility for the product and your happiness with the product. However, the one thing I cannot control isshipping delays, or the Customs clearing process.   I do not offer refunds for shipping delays.

Scenario 1

My aunt in Ontario shipped me a lovely Christmas gift the second week of December and paid the expense for a five day delivery, tracked, and I got it on January the 4th.  Regardless of the fact that she paid for that service, and saw it was sitting in Calgary distribution centre for over a week in her tracking.  

Scenario 2

I had another situation where two ladies in Texas bought the same item, the same day (Dec 21st) and they lived 2 miles apart and they bought the same item for New Years Eve.  One received theirs in time on December 30th, the other one was a few days late on Jan 2nd and she did not get her top in time.  The route those two tops travelled on the tracking form were completely different (one did a detour from Chicago, THEN to Detroit, THEN back to Texas).  

Scenario 3

I also had a recent experience where a customer in Chicago received her package from me, through customs and on her doorstep inside of a week.  A week!!!  That exceeded my expectations, but that happens more often than not as well.

The good news, is that the post does an outstanding job and these instances are extreme and rare.  However, those are VERY recent examples for me.  The moral of the story is that I cannot guarantee delivery on a certain date.  What I can do for you (and have done for customers), is I can look at previous orders in your province or state and give you the details of how long it took for an item to get from Point A to B and give you an educated guess based on the facts.  But we both need to be aware that there is no guarantee.  My advice on shipping, is to expect it to be on time, but be prepared for the possibilities of delays and be aware we are both in this situation together and I will work with you.  

International Shipments

It is the responsibility of the buyer to pay all custom charges on international shipments.  This is an additional cost, which we are both required to pay.  I pay it when I import the products you buy, and you need to pay it when you order products from another country.  I do not "hide" invoices, or declare merchandise as gifts, as this not only puts my company at risk, it also can delay a product clearing customs if the invoice is not present, and can further complicate insurance claims.  Please know that every time you ask a small business to do this, you are putting them at a risk, and also potentially creating delays in receiving your product when purchasing information is not transparent.  I will not be held responsible for delays in shipping.  No expedited services are offered.  Please do not order from me if you need a product by a certain date.  Too much heartache for both customers and myself.  Expect wait times of 3 - 8 weeks for international shipments.